Down the Drain

There are many things we do not want to see go down the drain, such as our savings, our effort, the value of our experience.


When we put something in the toilet, we do want it to go down the drain.

Yet all of us, sometimes get a blocked drain!

What to do when the toilet won’t work?

Head to the supermarket and get some drain cleaner.


Most household drain and oven cleaners contain Sodium hydroxide.  This is nasty stuff.

Here are a few of the symptoms of sodium hydroxide poisoning or exposure in different parts of the body according to the National Institute of health at the US National Library of Medicine (1).

Breathing difficulty (from inhaling sodium hydroxide)
Lung inflammation
Throat swelling (which may also cause breathing difficulty)
Blood in the stool
Burns of the esophagus (food pipe) and stomach
Severe abdominal pain
Vomiting, possibly bloody
Heart and blood collapse
Low blood pressure (develops rapidly)
Severe change in blood pH (too much or too little acid in the blood)
Holes in the skin or tissue under the skin

Here is advice from a plumber…

Do not use Drano. Ever.  It’s toxic, expensive and most importantly it doesn’t work and it eats at seals that prevent leaks.

So how do you get the toilet sending whatever down the drain?

Merri and I use Purely Green, bio degradable and non toxic.  This is am amazing degreaser that helps dissolve clogs in the drain. I pour it in, let it sit for half an hour or so and pour in warm (not boiling) water.

In fact just simply using Purely Green for other cleaning uses can help avoid clogged drains.

Ted Tidwell, the manufacturer of Purely Green sent this note:

Gary, We had a mobile home park with its own sewage processing plant.  Residents tended to pour grease, etc. into the drains, which cooled and clogged the drain lines.

We were paying expensive RotoRooter bills near every month.  Our manager started selling Purely Green to the residents for extra income.  By just ordinary usage, Purely Green dissolved accumulated soaps and grease,
keeping the drains clear and saving expensive RotoRooter bills. Ted

Purely Green has worked well for us when we have simple clogs in the drain.  This works quickly, is safe and good for the environment.


(1)  NIH: Sodium Hydroxide Warning



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