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A benefit of Purely Green as a Bio Pesticide comes from the fact that it is not a poison but a degreaser.  We have used Purely Green in our North Carolina and Florida homes as well as our rental units.  We even shipped it to the  Ecuador hotel we purchased and ran for many years. We use it to clean floors and everything thing else, as a shampoo, clothes and dish washing soap, car cleaner as well as ant and bug eradicator because it is so effective and is organic.

Now we can say so because Purely Green 25 is organic because it was recently registered as an organic pesticide.

In addition to being effective both Purely Green and BioWash products are also good for the environment.

For example, BioWash Soil Amendment was just tested by SGS Labs and qualified for the EPA’s most prestigious rating: “Readily Biodegradable.”  Here is the final page of the lab results.  See the entire examination report below (1).


In 1997, Purely Green, was then labeled as “Multi-Purpose,” was certified as Readily Biodegradable by the same testing lab.

According to an EPA website: (2) Biodegradability is a critical concern with “down the drain” products, which can be toxic in the aquatic environment. In order to recognize the value of “biodegradable surfactants” and to incentivize the development of entirely biodegradable products, we have developed the following criteria and standards that products must achieve before making biodegradability statements under the pilot program.

The product cannot contain any ingredients considered carcinogens, mutagens, or reproductive toxicants (CMR) by one of the authorized bodies listed in Tables 1, 2 and 3. Only products classified as FIFRA Toxicity Category II, III or IV are eligible to make this claim.

Rationale: Some surfactants used in cleaning/disinfecting products pose aquatic toxicity concerns for numerous species, and their degradation products may persist. Nonylphenol ethoxylates (NPEs) are an example.

OPP has decided to recognize the use of surfactants that protect aquatic life by rapid biodegradation to less toxic compounds by allowing the label to contain a claim of “biodegradable surfactants.

What more can one ask for, a product that is organic, biodegradable and does just about every cleaning job in the house?

We how about roaches?  Anyone who spends any time in Florida might ask this.  Will Purely Green kill roaches?

Here is a reply from Ted Tidwell, the manufacturer of Purely Green, to a reader who asked this question about roaches.

It’s nice to hear from you. You asked if Purely Green is effective on roaches. I am pleased to respond to your question.

When applied to roaches, PurelyGreen dissolves about 99% of them within a few minutes.

Surprisingly, I sprayed one several years ago and it did did not die. I placed a glass over it and
left it for the night. It was still healthy the next morning.

I was mystified but an entomologist explained that there are different species of roaches. They have survived for millions of years because a few are more resistant.

PurelyGreen works best when sprayed directly on the target,but appears to have a residual effect because roaches avoid the areas that have been sprayed.

So, a direct response would be that Purely Green is effective on about 99% of the roach population.

Purely Green is exceptionally effective on flies, fleas and mosquitoes.

Dog owners use it as shampoo. It not only dissolves fleas and ticks but has a desirable effect on the hair.

Cats dislike water, so cat owners soak a cloth with Purely Green, then stoke it on their cats to dissolve the fleas.

Horse and cattle owners are replacing the toxic insecticides
with Purely Green. They mist it in barns and stables for insect control .

It does not irritate animals.

The difference between Purely Green and BioWash are:

Purely Green is a simple cleaning/degreasing solution.

Soil Amend is more complex with equally strong surfactants plus other softening ingredients that make it more suitable for plants.

Whether you are looking for a cleaner to replace chemicals in your home, or for a better way to cleanse your fresh food or a safer way to look after flowers or crops, check out Purely Green and BioWash both for effectiveness as well as long term health and environmental benefits.


(1) Biowash Soil Amendment Biodegradability Report

(2) pesticide-labels – biodegradability claims under-fifra



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