Yard Sale of Wealth Unexpected

Build an extra income selling your experience.  Create an experience event!   This process has allowed us to live and work in dozens of countries, enjoy wonderful profits, create enormous friendships and gain deep satisfaction.  You can do it too.

How would you like to make an extra $105 an hour having a yard sale of experience?

airbnb experience

See how this AIRBNB experience generates extra income. (1)

You can gain extra income because everyone has something to share.  There are extra profits we can all make because we live in the sharing economy.

An earlier post at our site , “Overcome the Income Gap” (2) shared three specific steps to earn extra income.  The first step is to create a core business.  The business can be involved in anythingIt can be gardening, farming, fishing, golf, finance, travel, photography, art, construction, machinery, inventions. whatever. 

Below you’ll see examples of businesses as obscure as sketching nude models, making gin in copper pots and designing bras.  These people are sharing their experience to earn extra income.

The trick is to turn your experience into an event.  This event can be a seminar, course, exhibition, workshop, tour or even an AIRBNB experience.

AIRBNB began by offering property sharing.  We use the AIRBNB platform to offer cabins and our farm and that works well.

Now AIRBNB has added “AIRBNB Experiences”.  These are small get togethers that share experiences. Here are just five examples of many current AIRBNB Experience Listings:


These listings offer experiences ranging from sailing in a boat in Barcelona to listening to a traveling jazz duo in a boho flat to learning about San Francisco’s architecture.

 One experience is about how to make your own gin in copper stills.  This is a 3.5 hour food & drink experience for $83.  Over 1,800 people have viewed that listing last week.

 The AIRBNB listing says: “What we’ll do. Join us for a hands-on gin making class. We’ll teach you everything you ever wanted to know about this glorious spirit – from its long history, to the fascinating science of distilling.

The author of the book,  “Sustainable House, ” has an AIRBNB experience listing entitled,  “Learn about sustainable living & reduce your bills”.

The listing says :“I’ve lived with no energy or water bills for 20 years by going off the grid. I’m passionate about teaching people how we can all live a sustainable life.” The experience is $21 a person for up to ten people at a visit. What we’ll do is Tour my Chippendale home.  I’ll teach you how I live with no bills for energy, water, waste or food.  My inner-city terrace works off the grid. I want to share simple solutions so you can cut your bills & reduce your pollution. It’s a friendly social setting to share stories, ask questions and discuss sustainable ideas. We’ll also harvest food grown in the street and there  will be a tasty surprise!”

How unique can your experience be?

Experience can be pretty darn one of  a kind. For example, one experience starts with an álfresco lunch before visiting the hosts design studio to browse and try on lingerie collections available for purchase.  The experience resolves common bra myths, provides useful tips on bra fitting and has an option to be personally fit by the host. This is fun for girls soirée!

At another event in Spain , the guests sit around a nude model and learn to fast sketch.

The moral of this message is not necessarily to use AIRBNB to list your experience, though,  for many this is a good place to start.  I have not listed any experience at AIRBNB.

The moral of this message is that you have experiences that are valuable.  Your experiences are like unused items collecting in a closet awaiting a yard sale.  When you learn how to create and market events, you create a yard sale of your experiences.

This is why I want to introduce you to my course “Event-Full:  How to Turn Your Experiences into an Events Business”.

This course helps you choose your core business based around your experience and then teaches you how to build that business through  creating events.

AIRBNB is just one of many ways to market.  As mentioned, I have never listed an event on AIRBNB but we use this excellent platform to host our cabins and we enjoy it.  We are one of the rare hosts who has been awarded Superhost status four quarters in a row and have  a 4.9 star rating (of five stars).

Here are a few of the recent reviews from our guests:

Latif wrote:  “This was the absolute best AirBnb experience for our family (we have stayed in over 25 Airbnb properties in 20 countries). We spent 4 memorable nights at the cabin. We were surrounded by woods, nature  and next to a running mountain stream. It was very tranquil as we slept listening to the water flowing freely and smoothly between rocks. First of all, Gary and Merri are amazing hosts: ~ Fresh cut flowers on table upon arrival. ~ Home made  Peach, Orange and Locust jams left in our fridge. ~ Local farm eggs delivered for us. ~ Gary showed the kids how to fish at his beautiful Trout pond. ~ Gary gave us a Trout from his pond which was the best we have ever eaten. ~ Gary and Merr i invited us to their magnificent house at the top of the hill where we had tea and discussed traveling. Then Gary took our entire family on his truck and gave us a tour of the 250 plus acres of the farm. It was amazing! Gary and Merri checked u p on us and made sure we were comfortable. The kids played with the 2 rescue dogs,  2 horses, as they roam freely on the farm. We went hiking on one of the 3 designated trails on the property. The kids swam and played on the creek. Merri and Gary are very caring hosts and they made our stay absolutely amazing! They even gave us a framed photo of the covered bridge at the farm as a parting gift. We loved this cabin so much that will make this an annual gateway for our family. ”

Sandra posted this note: Thank you for opening your doors to our family and making us feel right at home. Our stay was everything we hoped for and much more. The quality of time spent with our family has been very tranquil and unparalled! Being here in the mountains takes Mom right  back to her birthplace, specially having the creek so close. Mos t definitely a trip that has to be repeated because a week is just not enough! Thanks again for being such great hosts Gary & Merri!

Joshua’s review was: These hosts were nothing short of spectacular.  They even drove 20 minutes to meet me when I wasn’t sure of the directions as I arrived – wow! Incredibly attentive and welcoming. And the property is absolutely beautiful and remote.

Tim said: Merrily Farms is an absolutely breathtaking and enchanting place.  The Virginia Creeper Trail Cabin is so very quiet and peaceful, and has everything you could ever need or want for a trip away from your regular day-to-day grind. Gary and Merri Scott are the most wonderfully generous, congenial, and friendly people I think I have ever met! They were so fantastic, and my wife and I have already discussed making another trip out here just to see them. Any of their cabins will be  a fantastic getaway. Rest assured, Gary and Merri will make your stay one to remember! We LOVE Merrily Farms, and loved the Scott family!

I am not sharing these reviews to brag but to show you why the experiences shared in our fully guaranteed course “Event-Full – How to Turn Your Experiences into an Events Business” can help you turn your experiences into extra income.  Learn more about the course below.


(1) AIRBNB Experience “Off Grid Guy”

(2) Overcome the Income Gap


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