A Fruitful Health Idea

Merri and I use fruit in two ways to maintain natural health.

First, we let it lead us to exercise.

Afternoon mists fall on ripe green.  Cool mountain meadows hide in the hemlocks and fir.  A quiet brook sings to robins and squirrels as Merri and I hike the farm checking the wild blackberries as they turn luscious and black.

We often hike out to check on the blackberries or the apple, plum, pear and Asian pear trees on and around the farm.   We collect fruit that nature provides…it is such a gift.


Blackberries from the farm in our kitchen.

Second, we eat using nature as our guide.

Many ancient natural health sciences have a principle that the body runs on three basic essences; air (the essence of movement, fire (the essence of transformation-digestion) and matter (the essence of solidity).

Good natural health comes in part by keeping these three essences in balance.

The seasons have an impact of these essences.

Spring, being a moist, fertile time of growth is a time when solidity is dominant.  Summer, naturally is a time of fire when the seeds transform into food.  Finally, autumn and winter turn windy and cold.  Things become brittle and dried, the time of  air.

Health dangers in summer come from excessive fire.  Spring encourages problems of physical matter and winter hosts air imbalances.

Nature provides a food supply that helps balance these natural health trends.

Take for example, the blackberry.  Native to Europe, these berries are harvested in late spring and early summer, from April through July, but are out of season in the winter and are too cool for most winter climates. They are sweet, sour and astringent and help cool the body down and to treat diarrhea, a classic summer condition in which the stool is liquefied by excess heat.  Blackberries are also very alkaline, high in iron and are the best blood builders although they have a constipating quality.

You can see that blackberries (growing practically everywhere in the country) are the perfect food for us in summer!

A recent article at Lifespa.com  “Balance Your Pitta”  (fire) helps show how modern eating habits create health imbalances and what we can do to eat more naturally.

Each summer, a slow and steady accumulation of heat builds up in the body.

Nutritionally-dense foods like fruits, nuts, seeds, grains and legumes grow and cook in the sun all summer long, making them ripe and rich with vital nutrition. These foods are harvested in the fall and, upon consumption, their nutrients are easily stored in the body as its natural energy reserve – our fat.

Today, the trend is to avoid fruits and grains because of the fear of “fat.” Eating only meat and vegetables is a famine diet. While these foods are now abundantly available year-round – these foods were never intended to be eaten year-round, year after year.

Summer fruits such as apples, pomegranates and watermelons act as super foods to cool us down at the end of every summer.

If we don’t eat these cooling and nutritious summer foods, we won’t dissipate excess heat and will carry it into winter.

Dryness in the winter can lead to a whole host of winter health concerns.

The body’s immune system is fundamentally maintained in the gut and respiratory tracts. When these dry out, they react by producing more mucus, which often manifests as a runny nose or a looser stool.  This excess mucus is a breeding ground for undesirable bacteria.

Nature makes natural health easy!


(1)  www.lifespa.com : Balance the Fire

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