How to Have Quality Time

A reader sent Saturday’s message on the importance of time and the Purposeful investing Course (1).

Happy Saturday, Gary!

I know it’s the weekend, but I had a quick question based on today’s essay.  You mentioned that Europe is now a far more attractive market for the Pi portfolio.  I wonder if you have any thoughts regarding how the new trade deal between Japan and the European Union struck at the G-20 in Hamburg will effect this new reality?

Do you think the new deal will accelerate the European profit perspective? Now that Asia and Europe are essentially ignoring the US politically, what kind of economic ripple effects will surface in the US?  Will it make the US less attractive or more attractive?

I get a special weekend treat because I can use my laptop and work here at our trout pond while I catch trout for the butcher  shoppe local produce, eggs, meats and fish.


This is a pretty nice workplace at dawn, and here is my reply to the reader.

The entire strategy behind the Purposeful investing Course (Pi) Pi is that we do not have to waste our valuable time speculating how various social, political, economic or military events might affect the market short term.

By sticking to one simple and easily understood tactic, (examining value based on fundamental financial basics of entire markets such as price to book, price to earnings and dividend yield) and allowing time for these basics to work their way through the market, we continue to accumulate good value despite any basic ups and downs created by the drama of current events.  In this way, we accumulate bargains and enjoy greater safety because we do not guess incorrectly about how the future will unfold.

We do know that a price of one times book is a better price than two times book.  We do not know what Trump, Putin, Merkel, Able, Kim, etc will do.  They do not even know.

The future is always impossible to predict and even more so with divisions and the controversial leadership in the USA and abroad.

So this morning instead of reading about the G20 summit and all the noise the leaders were making, I spent the dawn on our pond catching trout for the butcher shoppe, listening to the birds wake up, enjoying the sunrise and thinking about what to publish next, which will be far more profitable than speculating on how political, military, economic, social events will unfold.


My Saturday morning business… catching these guys for the Rose Mountain Butcher Shoppe (2).

rose mountain

It is a privilege and a pleasure being a part of  the local farming community below who are helping our neighbors eat better, more wholesome, food.

rose mountain

Working on the land is so much more pleasurable than trying to imagine what the world will do next based on the conjecture, rumor and drama of the daily news.


This is the essence of being a Pruppie (cross between a Prepper and a Yuppie).  I can be in nature, work on the farm but also be connected with our fiber optics broadband, so I can be fishing and self publishing all at the same time.

The world is changing, somethings for better, others for the worse.  One area where opportunity has definitely improved is in Smalltown USA because we can live anywhere and yet earn everywhere at the same time.


(1) Pi- Learn about how to save time, improve profits and increase safety when investing.


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