Are You Affected by This Epidemic?

One of the worst health epidemics in our civilized world is a little talked about ailment called CD.  This health risk runs the age gamut from school kids to folks who are retired.  Almost everyone is at risk if they are not already affected.

CD is a precursor to numerous diseases including; diabetes, heart disease and some cancers.  CD leads to poor cognitive function, mood disorders, sleep disorders, obesity, morning droops,  daytime sleepiness, reduced school performance, reduced driving reaction time and is known to lead to substance abuse.

Fortunately CD has a free and easy cure.

When we lived in Ecuador, we purchased a remote hacienda, Rosaspamba.  For years we lived and worked there with an Andean yatchak and his apprentices to learn health secrets of natural health.  This is where we learned some vital lessons about CD.


Rosaspamba is remote.  X marks the house.


Zoom in and you see the house alone.  We had electricity, no hot water.


Our only electricity came through the cigarette lighter plug in our Land Rover.  We would charge our laptops there.  The lack of electric lights helped us learn about CD.

One unique factor about Ecuador is that there is almost no seasonal deviation in the length of daylight.  The sun rises at 6am and sets at 6pm.  It’s easy to maintain a smooth Circadian cycle, especially where there is no electricity and no artificial light beyond a wood fire.

We found that when the sun set at 6pm we were beginning to feel more relaxed and were often asleep by 8pm.  Like wise as the horizon lightened, even before dawn, we were awakening at about 4am.  This routine of sleep from 8 or 9 pm till 4 or 5pm left us feeling energized and we have maintained this routine over the decades since.   That lifestyle and routine was eradicating CD.

CD is short for the health imbalance created by disruptions in the Circadian cycle called Chronodisruption or (CD).

John Douillard explains Chronodisruption in an article entitled “Recalibrate your internal clocks” (1) at

Here are excerpts from this article: In evolutionary terms, we have spent very little time living with and depending on artificial light.  This dependency has been found to negatively affect our circadian clock, our connection to the light/dark, daily, and seasonal cycles.

Every cell in the body is linked to a biological clock that turns certain functions on and off as day turns into night and summer transitions into winter. A new study has found that artificial light in our homes can cause our circadian clocks to be out of sync with nature’s clock.

Being out of sync or disconnected from the circadian rhythms is called Chronodisruption (CD).

The article tells about the importance of melatonin in our natural health cycle.  Melatonin is considered the sleep hormone that is linked intimately to the light/dark cycles.  When melatonin rises, the body prepares for rest and we get sleepy.  When melatonin falls, we are energized and the body prepares for activity.   Research has shown that people who have CD start to have rising melatonin levels about 2 hours after waking up.  This is a time when melatonin levels should have dropped.  Yet with CD they start to rise again.  This leads to mid-morning droop and poor performance at work, while driving and even at play.   This explains the need for a morning coffee break and shows how we are forced to be active at a time when the body is geared up to sleep.

This continual forcing of the body to do what it is not prepared for can create all types of dangerous health imbalances such as diabetes, heart disease and cancer.

The article also shared this interesting insight: The researchers measured the effects of living without any artificial light for one week during a camping trip. During the camping trip, they went to bed and arose on their own, but there were no sources of artificial light except for a campfire. They measured the melatonin levels after a week of camping, and then compared them to their melatonin levels after a week of normal life using artificial light, televisions, computers, etc.

The results were amazing.  After just one week of living in sync with the natural light/dark cycles, the group went to bed and woke up an average of 2 hours earlier. The mid-morning melatonin surge did not happen. Their clocks were reset!

By naturally getting to bed earlier, the campers all naturally got up earlier and were able to enjoy the early morning natural light. The sun’s mornings rays are filled with blue light that suppresses melatonin and are, thus, capable of resetting the body’s circadian clocks.

This is what we learned about Circadian cycles at Rosaspamba.

The ancients believe that every day consists of two, four hour intervals….air, water and fire cycles each.

2am to 6am:  Air Cycle. This is time to wake up. The mind is light, active and this is a good time to think, multi task and learn.

6am to 10am: Water Cycle. Strength is increased. This is a good time to do physical activity and exercise.

10am to 2pm: Fire Cycle. This is the time for digestion. High noon is the best time for the main meal of the day.

2pm to 6pm:   Air Cycle. The mind is light and active again. Study and do mental work.

6pm to 10pm: Water Cycle. If you eat a heavy evening meal, this cycle will digest it. However, if your evening meal is early and light, this second fire cycle acts like an oven cleaner and burns up stresses and toxicities gained during the day.

10pm to 2am: Fire Cycle. Best time for deepest sleep.

We and everything around us are systems composed of cycles.  When our cycles are in tune with the Circadian cycle… we live in a more comfortable… lowest stress… most efficient, energetic and longer way.

Electric lights and late nights, plus the internet and TV, especially the 10pm or 11pm news are the nemesis of a healthy Circadian cycle.  Fortunately, the article article also provides a simple strategy to reset that cycle.

Try some of these simple home strategies to help reset your circadian clock:

Take a weekend and turn off the Wi-Fi, lock away your cell phone, turn off all the lights and use candles or/and a fireplace for evening light.  Get outside for a hike or walk as much as possible. Go to bed in the early evening at the first sign of sleepiness and get up in the morning when your eyes first open. Get outside and take a morning walk as you watch the sunrise. Enjoy!

During the week, turn off the house Wi-Fi after supper. Dim the house lights and avoid phones, televisions or computers. Go to bed reading a book by candlelight.

On your next camping trip, don’t miss the great opportunity to reset your clock.  Don’t turn on your phone and avoid flashlights.  Make torches and a campfire.  Enjoy!

Consider getting outside and performing a yoga sequence, such as the Sun Salutation at sunrise and sunset.

Chronodisruption is one of the most prevalent epidemics in our modern world for how can we live without electricity?  Fortunately, the reset that eliminates CD is easy.  A change in our rhythms can remove the ailment completely with a cure that’s so simple it has been taught to us in a rhyme:

Early to bed, early to rise.  Makes a man healthy, wealthy and wise.

Try it and you’ll feel better and be healthier as well.


(1) Recalibrate your internal clocks weekend

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