Here’s the Rub on the Grease

We have written many times about the benefits of Purely Green and BioWash and the good these products can bring to the garden and environment.

merrily farms hemlcok

Here I am with our old growth hemlocks, we call the Grandfathers.  These hemlocks have been attacked by the Wooly Adelgid blight on the US East coast and though many have died, we have saved many, many of ours with Purely Green.

However, I would like to stress that the original purpose of this product was as a degreaser.  Purely Green was created to help degrease birds from the Valduz oil spill.  It was effective on cleaning the birds on a fast low stress way.  It is biodegradable so the process does not harm the water.

The basic science is that Purely Green is composed of such small molecules it cuts through grease and coats surfaces so the grease simply lifts off.

I figured that fatty lipids are a type of oil and tested Purely Green on the Wooly Adelgid.  The liquid soaks right though the cocoons and degreases the fatty lipids in the insect.  The arborist we worked with used a microscope to watch the process and was amazed and very excited.  He has since treated thousands of hemlocks in the area.

Then I figured out that if it dissolved insects in a cocoon, it might also dissolve them out of one.  I tested spraying Purely Green on ants.  Instantly dead!  Purely Green is not an insecticide  but it dissolves the fatty lipids and that makes the insect dead anyway.

Since that test, I spray my flowers and garden with BioWash.

Purely Green is the original cleaning formula.  BioWash contains gentler surfactants and more vegetable oils.

Now there is an interesting experiment going on with BioWash Soil Amendment.   BioWash Soil Amendment is BioWash on steroids, encompassing some out-of-the-box quantum chemistry.

This most exciting test apparently reduces the insect population in coffee farms via systemic applications of BioWash Soil Amendment via the root system.  It appears that ingesting leaves or seeds or juices containing Soil Amendment may dissolve the insect’s internal organs.

The manufacturer of BioWash, Ted Tidwell, wrote:  “In Central America, a difficult beetle is destroying the coffee industry.  A business there is treating a beetle while inside the coffee bean systemically by soaking the coffee tree roots.

“The Central American coffee growers face a devastating insect plague caused by the coffee borer beetle locally known as “Broca”. The female beetle lays her in the young coffee cherry and as the young beetles mature, they literally eat the coffee cherry from within.  This is a prolific problem as several generations of beetle can live within the same coffee cherry.

“The growers had been using a chemical treatment for the Broca beetle that because of the harshness of this chemical, is restricted to three applications per year.  While the chemical treatment yields a near 100% kill rate of the beetles, new beetles return shortly thereafter to re-infect the coffee cherries.  The Insecta Pro did have a slower kill rate but it did have an increased effect after each use that carried over as it was absorbed into the plant’s tissue and phloem. After the chemical treatments had been exhausted, the growers continued with the Insecta Pro treatments every 30 days at a rate of 450/ 1 sprayed directly onto the coffee cherries, branches and surrounding soil. These growers have also taken our recommendation to wash the coffee cherries after harvest and before they are transported to avoid further infection in route to the processing facilities. Additionally, these same growers are now using this system in their nurseries from seed to seedling to inoculate the young plants prior to exposing them to these epidemics in the fields at planting.

“If it works in coffee, its logical that it could work on all vegetation.

“Other farmers have gained benefits with dramatic vegetable yield increases by soaking his soil with Soil Amendment before planting. Significantly, his previous crops required weekly insecticide applications but this test crop required no insecticides.

“More testing and experience is needed for verification but if proven, this avoids air pollution from spraying airborne toxins.

“When proven successful, lasting insect control may be achieved by soaking the roots with a non-fuming, carcinogen-free solution that exceeds EPA’s standards as “Readily Biodegradable.”

“This would eliminate the need of depositing millions of tons of toxic insecticides into the atmosphere. Obviously, the positive environmental impact will be huge.  A full report is attached (1).

This is why we decided to start offering Purely Green, BioWash and BioWash Soil Amendment at our site.  You can see more below.


(1) GSS-Coffee success- Central America – 2016-2017

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