111 Reasons to Be Positive

Let’s face it, a positive path is the only sensible one to take.   The passages of our lives are steered by currents we cannot change and often cannot even see.  We can either resist these forces or go in the direction of the flow.  Why fight what we cannot change when it’s easier to look for the silver lining instead?

109 springtimes

Chinese edition of 109 Springtimes: My Story

Two thoughts about how to be affirmative came to mind when I read about Juliana Young Koo, a Chinese immigrant who published her life story at age 104 and lived to be 111!  (1)

My first thought was what a remarkable person.

She said on her 100th birthday: “I never give speeches, but I decided that at least on my 100th birthday, I should try,” she wrote in her autobiography, “My Story” (2009). “I have only one secret: That is, THINK POSITIVELY.  Don’t dwell on the past; think about how to make the future better.”

This positive attitude came despite many hardships.   Her first husband was executed by the Japanese in the Philippines.  She had to start her life over several times.

Yet she remained positive.

The article tells about her at her birthday party in 2012.  Mrs. Koo was still quite spry, and evidently still thinking positively. She danced with Oscar L. Tang, a financier and the widower of her daughter, Frances, as the band played “Moon River.”  Mr. Tang had requested a leisurely tempo, but Mrs. Koo would have none of that.  As he recalled, “She said, ‘Faster, this one’s too slow.’”

Mrs. Koo gave many suggestions for a good life over the years including: “Don’t exercise”.  “Eat all the butter you want” and “Don’t look back”.  On a special celebration for her 110th birthday you can see her on Youtube (2) give this advice: “Every day is a good day”.

My second thought was how wonderful it is at age 104 to be able to share through self publishing.  Being able to share important stories is a reason to remain alive.  The information below shares how subscribers to our self publishing course, in all walks of life, at all ages, in sickness and good health, from teenagers to octogenarians, college students, professionals, business people, cooks, retirees, have shared their experiences, ideas and stories.

To sum this up, advancing age is not an obstacle when you are positive.   Juliana Young Koo did not see being a centenarian as a hindrance.  She used the positive power of its rarity to sell a story.  She and the world were better for it!


(1) www.nytimes.com: Diplomat Juliana Young Koo 111

(2) Youtube: 3 minute 46 seconds Mrs. Koo on her 110th birthday


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