Habits for Everlasting Wealth

Good habits are basic foundations for happiness, fulfillment and wealth.  Success requires energy and action and good habits that keep us active as the underlying engine of success.


My schedule.  I use this old school type calendar to create good health health habits.  Each day when I  do my entire routine of strength exercise, yoga, cardio and meditation, I make a note and circle it.  I shoot for doing this six days in a row and usually end up doing it five times (something always seems to come up to complicate my schedule one day or another!) Earning that little number with the circle in the schedule is an important activity for me.  Over the years I have trained my brain to get a jolt of pleasure from this simple act of writing success down.

The Wall Street Journal article “Five Secrets for Steadier Workouts” (1) shows some excellent tips for achieving greater success and says:

Many of us vow to get to the gym—then life intervenes. But 21% of U.S. adults do manage to get enough exercise, and these people have some common traits and habits.

The five ideas that the article outlines are worth sharing.

#1: Most of those people picked a regular time to work out and stuck with it.

“When things become predictable you don’t need to invest in much thought,” says the study’s lead author, Navin Kaushal, a postdoctoral fellow in preventive medicine at the Montreal Heart Institute, University of Montreal.

#2: They have a streamlined pre-exercise routine with visual cues.

#3: Most of those people picked a regular time to work out and stuck with it.

#4: They’re more flexible than infrequent exercisers about how long or vigorously they exercise.

Many people think exercise has to last at least 30 minutes and make you sweaty and exhausted. Dr. Segar’s ongoing research suggests that frequent exercisers increasingly view things like walking, meetings and family bike rides as things that “count” as exercise.

#5:  They’re more likely to exercise for pleasure than for weight loss or other long-term health goals.

I agree with these five points.  When I take a long walk or paddle a canoe or ride my bike, it’s first and foremost because I like it.  I multi task at times and make the fun useful.  My long walk might be through our forest to the mailbox, or up to inspect one of our cabins or whatever.  But most of all I try to make the exercise FUN.


In the winter, when I ride on my rusty old bike I feel like a kid rolling down the hills.


Hiking summer trails on the farm always fill my heart with joy.

These steps can help create habits of wealth and success as well as improved health.

  • Create a routine with a regular time for each task.  Decisions require energy.  Deciding is work.  When you do not have to decide what to do, the stickiness of good habits improve.
  • Create pathways that get you started.  For example, each night I set up my French press near my laptop.  In the morning the first thing I see is that coffee press and my computer.  Coffee is addictive and so is reading the news.  Before the sun rises, I let these bad habits do some good by getting me to work right away.
  • Be flexible.  If life happens and disrupts your routine, go with the flow.  Making a schedule that is too strict, can lead to feelings of failure and start a downward mental and emotional cycle.
  • Seek sustainable fun.  The purpose of a routine is to increase success, wealth, health, fulfillment and joie de vivre.  We are more likely to stick to our routine when we look forward to it with anticipation rather than dread.

Fun is one of the key elements of natural health and learning.

Numerous studies show that a sense of forward motion, regardless of how small, is the harbinger of happiness.  Minor victories are nearly as psychologically powerful as major breakthroughs.  A lot of tiny wins is often better than one big one.

Once a small win has been accomplished, forces are set in motion that favor another small win.

Those suffering a lack of momentum feel discouraged by feeling of a lack of control.  Small wins are controllable opportunities that produce visible results and return a sense of control.

Small wins build enthusiasm, experience, confidence and skill one step at a time.  They are stepping stones to feeling better and they work.   A strategy of small wins builds a pattern that attracts allies and deters opponents.

Life is a never-ending series of steps.  If we have good habits that take care of our health, spend less than we earn and look after our savings, we can live a fulfilled life driven by our purpose and desire, not by the agendas of others who gain from our loss.


(1) wsj.com:  Five secrets for steadier workouts

Secret of the Hogberry

More than 100 studies have found that physical activity can lower cancer risk and even help cure cancer.  Fortunately researchers asked why and one answer became clear.  Body fat.

Studies showed that those who were most active have a 25% lower chance of developing cancer because reduced body fat is possible pathway to lowering cancer risk.  Time Magazine has some good information on the relationship between exercise and reducing cancer.  Have a look below if you want to research more deeply (1).

intermittent fastng

Graph showing benefits of intermittent fasting.

Fortunately there is a little known way to reduce body fat that does not even require exercise.  I’ll share more on this secret in a moment.

First, body fat and cancer?   Let’s ask why?

Part of the answer is toxicity.

Healthy bodies naturally and regularly remove water-soluble toxins from the body.  Our blood and kidneys flush them away.

Fat-soluble toxins such as metals, pesticides, preservatives, other pollutants are harder to flush out of the system.   Fat-soluble toxins must become water-soluble before the body can get rid of them.  The liver can do this conversion (bile emulsifies fat-souble toxins into water-soluble).  This process requires healthy digestive and detox pathways.  When they become imbalanced, fat-soluble toxins are stored in fat cells and brain cells instead.   These toxins can remain for decades and create health problems.

The fat stored toxins cause oxidation (free radical damage) and degeneration as well as mutation.  Toxins in the fatty tissue of the brain become neurotoxins that can cause cognitive problems and a host of mental and brain imbalances.

The way to avoid this storage of deadly toxicity is to keep stress down, while digestion and detoxification pathways remain good.

Burn Fat to Burn Toxins

When you burn fat not primarily for weight loss, (though you will lose weight) but for purification, you can turn on the body’s detox fuel.  Fat metabolism is the body’s natural form of energy.   Fat metabolism provides a more steady energy than glucose metabolism and flushes fat cells free of toxins.  As the toxicity drops, the nervous system has reduced stress and will naturally burn fat instead of sugar.

Intermittent fasting is one way to get the body to burn fat.  There is a way of eating that helps reduce weight, improve energy and purify the body as it returns to a state of natural health.

This is a simple easy way to improve and restore feeling good, but works best when combined with better nutrition, moderate exercise and a purification program that helps make sure that the body is not overwhelmed with too much purification at once.

This is why I have written a short report entitled “The FAST Way to Better Health” that features one special tea so an intermittent fasting routine becomes doable and enjoyable.

The Key is in the Hogberry

Intermittent fasting is guaranteed to work, if you have even reasonable nutrition, moderate physical activity and stick with it.  The problem is in the sticking.  When the brain is hooked on metabolizing sugar it can be very demanding.   When we try going an extended period without a sugar, the brain will have a hissy fit and demand that we eat or drink something sweet or starchy or alcoholic.

Sticking through a fast just does not work when the brain pulls out its bag of tricks, from sweet whispers (just one chocolate won’t hurt- but it will!)  all the way to chills sweats and dizziness.   Intermittent fasting, without help, can require enormous discipline that most of us cannot maintain long enough.

I know, I tried intermittent fasting several times and failed.  Then I accidentally stumbled across the secret of the Hogberry that not only stops hunger but more importantly speeds up the process of switching from sugar metabolism to fat metabolism AND assists in the purifying process.  Once I tried using this support for the pancreas (among other things),  intermittent fasting became satisfying and enjoyable.  I am passing 45 days in this routine, and the steady energy just gets better and better.  I am not minding the reduced weight and better fitting clothing either!

“The FAST Way to Better Health” explains how intermittent fasting is not real fasting.  One does not stop eating with an intermittent fast, not even for a day.  You learn why this is such a healthy way to lose weight and detoxify fat cells to reduce risks of cancer, heart disease diabetes and senility.

More important you learn how to feel better almost from the very first day.  Reduce stress, gain smooth steady energy without 10:30am and 3:00pm  droops. Find out how to avoid being hungry right after you eat and how to make the cravings for sweets and junk food all but disappear.

I will send you this report “The FAST Way to Better Health” that reveals the secret of the Hogberry, FREE when you order my Shamanic Natural Health reports described below.

This is the only way to attain this report.  Intermittent fasting can make your life better. It works best when you use the nutritional, exercise and purification tips outlined in these three reports.  As with all my reports and courses, satisfaction is guaranteed or your money back.  I want to be sure  that the information in “The FAST Way to Better Health” works for you.  The valuable knowledge you’ll gain in these reports works better when the nutrition, purification and exercise reports are combined so I have made a special offer.

I have created three shamanic health reports are about:

#1: Nutrition

#2: Purification

#3: Exercise

Each report is available for $19.95.  However I would like to make this special offer that saves $19.95.

Order all three Shamanic Natural Health Reports worth $59.85 for $39.90 and save $19.95.  Plus you receive the report “The Fast Way to Better Health” and  our 60 day, full satisfaction or full, no questions asked, refund.


(1)   time.com Exercise & cancer


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