How BioWash Works

Somewhere around 20 years ago, a delegate at a seminar, Ted Tidwell, gave me a bottle of solution called “Ecologically Safe Colloidal Multi Purpose Degreaser”.   Some time after, in the process of cleaning pitch covered hands from farm work I tried it.  The pitch from the pine trees melted away.  I was hooked.  This was an organic, bio-degradable cleaner, that was environmentally safe, less expensive and it worked better than any other cleaner I had, by magnitudes of scale.

We started using it for all cleaning, the house, equipment and cars.  We used it the washing machine, dishwasher and just about everywhere we clean.  We hauled it to Ecuador and used it in our hotel, even helped set up an Ecuador distributorship for the solution.

Then I discovered it dissolved the habitat of the Wooly Adelgid, a blight that has been devastating hemlock trees.  We saved hundreds of these magnificent softwoods and introduced it to an arborist who saved thousands more.

Ted became a good friend and we have promoted Ted’s Stuff over these many years.

We called this special liquid “Ted’s Stuff” because who can keep saying or writing “Ecologically Safe Colloidal Multi Purpose Degreaser?

Ted worked tirelessly to improve his product because, like so many good things in this world, there were others (aka chemical companies) who had vested interests in inferior, often toxic, products.

The usefulness of “Ted’s Stuff” evolved in two directions as Ted and a small cadre of dedicated users discovered additional uses in cleaning as well as farming and agriculture.   Two product lines grew,  Purely Green, an amazing cleaner and BioWash and BioWash Soil amendment, a plant energizer and fertilizer booster.  These products,  after jumping through many hoops, became organically certified.

Merri and I use them both, all these years.

Here is one of my own stories about Biowash beyond saving many of our hemlcoks.

I invested in agriculture buying an orange grove.  The year I made the purchase the grove harvested just over 1,800 boxes.  In our first year we sprayed the grove once with BioWash.   Production rose to 2,400 boxes despite the fact we eliminated a third of the trees.  This meant our yield per tree doubled.  The next year we sprayed twice with BioWash and this year our production rose to to 3,400 boxes.

This was amazing but the year after the BioWash treatment did not produce additional results.  The explanation below explains why and shows how to use BioWash effectively.

This is a note sent from Ted Tidwell:

To Feed or Not to Feed?

One of the more common questions we get on nearly a weekly basis is “Will BioWash work without fertilizers or other nutrients?”


The simple answer is “no”….. at least not for very long. BioWash is a plant energizer. The way it accomplishes its job is to break down nutrients and minerals that are already in the soil (residual from past years or from nutrients and minerals added to the soil during the planting season) into nano-sized particles. This makes the nutrients and minerals more bio-available to the plant, freeing up plant energy for the important work of photosynthesis.

Some new clients are so excited about the “initial boost” in growth and yield they see during the first season BioWash is applied, they assume” BioWash will continue to do that into perpetuity, all by itself.  The fact is that unless growers have their soil analyzed to see what it needs to be productive and then work to add those necessary elements, the boost they’ll see with BioWash is indeed temporary. One can expect that, without proper feeding, BioWash treated crops will experience a down-turn in yield after the end of the first or second season of its use. This is because by the end of the second year, BioWash will have exhausted all the residual nutrients in the soil. That is what it’s designed to do: to optimize the uptake of nutrients and minerals by plants; and it does its job very well.

Like the human body, BioWash is amazing…but it is not magical.  It can only energize what it has available to energize.  (Note:  Some growers DO report they find they can use “less” fertilizer on crops after regular use of BioWash.  That is indeed a good thing!)

You’ll read about many incredible ideas and products at our site.  How to lose weight just by chewing differently.  How to be smarter listening to certain music.  How to use essential oils to reduce toxicity.  How to earn extra income with multi-dimensional businesses.  How to invest in thousands of good value shares global with $9.95.  How to eat healthy chocolate brownies made from avocados. How to buy secret valuable land at affordable prices.  These are all insights you will not find anywhere else.  I consider Bio Wash on of the most important.

If you farm or have a garden you should give BioWash a try.  Purely Green is a great way to remove dangerous chemicals from the home, and improve the ability to clean at the same time.

This year I am doing experiments with BioWash, on ginseng, goldenseal, corn, beans, squash and wild blackberries.  I’ll keep you informed.


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