Frequency Modulation Increases Longevity

Frequency Modulation Increases Longevity... plus can help you in many other ways… like learning Spanish in three days.

Cycles have an affect on our lives…. how long we live and how well we live when we are alive.

Here is a full moon I shot as it rode over a church in Ecuador.


This sunrise came silently later awakening the early birds and roosters from the village calm.

Cycles are frequency.  I took this shot at our home in Mt. Dora when the full moon created a…


kaleidoscope as it slid though a cloudy night.

I knew the coyotes would howl more and that I was more likely to awaken before the dawn.  We have all felt the impact of monthly cycles caused by the frequency of the moon at one time or another.

Ecuador shamans view the entire universe as a bundle of frequencies.  This may be why Ecuadorians who lived in the ancient ways were known for longevity.


I took this shot of Ingapirka during one of our Ecuador Shamanic Mingo tours.  The ancients in Ecuador understood nature’s rhythms.   Ingapirka, for example, is the largest known Incan ruins in Ecuador, a temple of the sun, built in the Incan way without mortar. The stones are so carefully chiseled that they fit together perfectly.  The temple is so matched to nature’s cycles that on the solstices, at exactly the right time of day, sunlight falls through the center of the doorway of the small chamber at the top of the temple.

The manifestation we call “intelligence” is a bundle of frequencies working in a repetitive unison that we have named “laws of nature”.  Every entity is a symphony come alive.  If the symphony remains in perfect unison… the music is sweet… the being created by the frequency bundles exist at maximum efficiency and operate “at ease”.   If the harmony gets out of balance, there is dissonance and efficiency is lost.  There is “dis-ease”.

Our Super Spanish courses use Frequency Modulation to keep the human system of frequencies in optimal tune.

These courses utilize Baroque music, relaxation techniques and food supplements to enhance the process of absorbing, retaining and recalling information.  One simple way to describe this is to say that we treat the human system like a tuning fork.  If it is operating out of balance… we create frequencies through music, food and the internal being that bring the distortions back into their optimal range.

Many lessons have little to do with learning Spanish or investing or business… yet they have everything to do with learning, Spanish, investing and business.  When persons become more efficient they learn better, think more intelligently and act more effectively.

Delegates report losing weight… feeling better… getting off medication and excelilng in many other fields beyond Spanish.

For example, here’s a nutritional trick we review in the course that enhances stamina… improves alertness and encourages longevity:  “Eat your main meal at noon.”

Here is why.

The ancients believe that every day consists of two four hour intervals….air, water and fire cycles each.

2am to 6am:  Air Cycle. This is time to wake up. The mind is light, active and this is a good time to think, multi task and learn.

6am to 10am: Water Cycle. Strength is increased. This is a good time to do physical activity and exercise.

10am to 2pm: Fire Cycle. This is the time for digestion. High noon is the best time for the main meal of the day.

2pm to 6pm:   Air Cycle. The mind is light and active again. Study and do mental work.

6pm to 10pm: Water cycle. If you eat a heavy evening meal, this cycle will digest it. However, if your evening meal is early and light, this second fire cycle acts like an oven cleaner and burns up stresses and toxicities gained during the day.

10pm to 2am: Fire Cycle. Best time for deepest sleep.

We and everything around us are systems composed of cycles.  When our cycles are in tune with the systems of nature… we live in a more comfortable… lowest stress… most efficient and longer way.

We look forward to sharing with you how to gain promise… potential…profit and longevity with frequency modulation.

Learn about frequency modulation at the next Super Spanish course.


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