St. Patrick’s Longevity Tip to St. Valentine

See Red?  Feeling Blue?  Go Green.

There is a lot of political tension in America between the red and blue that can leave us angry or depressed.  See a cure below when all this stress gets you feeling fried up or melted down.  This is a tip from my Natural Health Report.  Colors can be natural health tools, and the color green can help us rebalance.

When events or the news leave me feeling angry and depressed, I head for our greenhouse or…

gary scott

go out and work in our orange grove.


In the summer, I talk a walk around the farm.

merrily farms

These activities upgrade my mood, because there is power in green.

A good way to increase intelligence is to be in nature.  Often when stumbling in my thoughts, I pack up my laptop and walk the couple hundred yards from our front door to the pond.

merrily farms

I find that the peace, quiet and calm of nature frees any clouds and stimulates my thinking.

Also there is evidence that “nature deficit disorder” shortens lifespan.  Researchers at the Harvard T.H. Chan School of Public Health (1) found a strong correlation between living surrounded by greenery and longevity and mental health.

They evaluated more than 108,000 women all across America for eight years. There was a 12 percent lower risk of death for those women who lived in the greenest surroundings.  34 percent were less likely to die of a respiratory-related issue and 13 percent less likely to die of cancer.  The strong correlation also extended to mental health. Women living in the greenest environments were happier and less depressed.

Next time if you are feeling blue or so stressed that you are seeing red….go green.  You’ll feel better.  The odds are that you will also live longer also!


(1)  Nature deficit shortens lifespan

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