Economic Alarms Ringing

Three economic alarms were all ringing this week.   They’ll scare the heck out of most investors.  Value investors will see an amazing opportunity instead.

When warnings of economic shifts don’t materialize, one of two things have happened.  The theories that suggest the shift could be wrong.  More likely, though there is a distortion growing.  Some hang-up is delaying the correction from taking place.

These distortions can be likened to dams with no outlet.  They’ll stop a natural flow for awhile.  Eventually the pressure will cause them to let go.  The longer the dam holds, the bigger the release when it bursts.

When the pressure klaxons are blaring, even if the dam seems to be strong, don’t ignore the warning.  Get to high ground above the dam.  When dealing with delays of the natural economic order, believe me, the question is never “Will a correction come?”  The only question is “When” and in economics we never really know.

There have been three economic hang-ups increasing their pressure since the last recession.  Each has lasted longer than they should but now the warning sirens are wailing.

The first distortion has been a deflationary trend.  Artificially induced low interest rates should have created inflation but has not.  This is changing.  The evidence can be seen in last Wednesday’s Wall Street Journal article “Measures of Inflation Tick Up Around the Globe”.

The article said: Modest upward pressure on wages and prices in the U.S. has been leading the way.

This growing inflation, and politics is pressuring the next distortion, which has been a weakness in the price of gold.   The Wall Street Journal article “Gold Prices Up on Data, Politics” also said last Wednesday:

The second week of Donald Trump’s presidency rattles investors; gold’s best month since June.

Both these distortions are accompanied by signs that one of the biggest economic distortions of all, a strong US dollar, is correcting.

The Wall Street Journal article entitled “Dollar slides as US data and Politics weigh” also reported on the greenback last Wednesday.

U.S. dollar slid to its lowest level since November, Tuesday amid weak U.S. data and new indications that the Trump administration would prefer a weaker dollar.

Merri’s and my business has supported a good life for almost 50 years by spotting economic contrasts  and distortions.  The unleashing of these three stresses, all at one time magnifies a special opportunity.  These factors can push gold prices high, but the price of another precious metal can rise even faster, explosively so.

Check out these Wall Street Journal articles.  They provide warnings you should not ignore.   Then read below and see how to cash in when the corrections develop.


(1) measures of inflation tick up around the globe

(2) Gold prices up amid political turmoil

(3) Dollar slides as US data & politics weigh

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