Longevity & the Brain Drain

One reason Merri and I use an essential oil shampoo is to keep toxic chemicals off our head. 

An article at Lifespa.com “Hair Products Seep into the Brain” explains why this is a good idea.

Overlooked by Western medicine and well-understood by Ayurveda are the 13 emissary veins that literally drain your brain through your skull. In most people, there are 13 holes in the skull that veins pass through, and the clinical significance of this is astounding.

The article explains that these veins are bi-directional which means that can take waste out of the brain into the veins of the scalp, back into vascular circulation, or they can potentially transport nutrients or dangerous toxins and infections from outside of the skull into the brain.

In another study, researchers combined a drug, with an Ayurvedic massage oil (sesame oil) and massaged that into the scalp in an attempt to determine if any of the drug would penetrate the skull and enter the brain chemistry.  The results were amazing! They found that there were almost the exact same levels of the drug in the brain from the head massage as from the oral dose.

This research suggests that a daily head massage with healthy essential oils may help increase cerebral spinal fluid flow and brain lymphatic drainage and boosting the flow of the important veins.  On the other hand, if that massage introduces hair dyes, chemical-laden shampoos or conditioners those same veins may deliver dangerous toxins into the brain.

The article ends saying: Try to source the purest products for your hair, because what you put on your head may, in short order (2 hours to be exact), be in your brain.

The fastest way to introduce any element into the body is through the skin and through the lungs.  This makes it possible to use good essential oils to regularly stimulate and nourish the skin, brain and body.


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