Longevity from Healing Sounds

Music helps you live longer because frequency and health are connected.


I consider playing my piano one of my longevity exercises.

Music can be better than jogging.

Good health, a great positive attitude, energy and vitality are the most valuable assets we can have in investing, business and life.

Music can add years to your life.   Music has been used during healing rituals in almost every culture in the world.   Music therapy has been proven to help with depression, high blood pressure and even problems of sleeping.  Music can decrease blood pressure, relieve stress and elevate moods and immune systems!

Music by composers such as Bach, Vivaldi, and Mozart is especially powerful and our friend, Madeline Frank, a world renowned viola player, has a blog and radio that shows how many famous and successful people have used classical music in their lives.

Her most recent show celebrates the life and work of Jimmy Stewart: Actor, Architect, Air Force pilot, Brigadier General, husband, father, and musician.  The link below takes you to three articles on the power of classical music for education and healing.

I start my day right by listening to classical and Baroque music.

Everyone should do this.  No one is immune from the power of music.  Madeline’s article “It’s All About Discipline!”  By Madeline Frank, Ph.D., DTM  feature Questions for December 2016: How did Classical Music play a part of James “Jimmy” Stewart’s life as an actor, architect, Air Force pilot, Brigadier General, husband and father, and what musical instruments did he play?


This is certainly a worthwhile read or listen.


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