Scrape Up Longevity

Gain extra longevity. Cleanse the Mouth with Silver.  Tongue scrapers can help keep the mouth clean and reduce bad breath.

tongue scrapper

This is the silver tongue scraper I use each morning.  I learned a life saving lesson about the disinfecting power of silver from a great teacher decades ago.

This is a lesson about a germ killing solution so powerful that the establishment is trying to stop us from getting in on the act. Perhaps there is too much money at stake in antibiotics and other such expensive medicine to allow this simple, inexpensive germ killer to remain in the market. But in this Era of Strange Diseases in which we now live, it is imperative that we learn how to protect ourselves naturally from infection and disease. Let me explain how I first learned about this powerful natural antibiotic from a grade school teacher!

Al Hoffman was his name.  He was great.  Taught music at Rockwood Grade School in the 50s and 60s.  He was almost a myth, sending so many talented musicians on to the local high school.  How would I have guessed that a lesson he taught me then might save lives now!

You know me as an economist, writer, adventurer, whacky philosopher at times, can’t help it traveler and two bit farmer. But I bet you did not know that I am also a musician.  But I am (or rather was).  I started with the trumpet, but being a fat kid moved onto the tuba (fat boys always played the tuba for some reason) and I wasn’t bad.  Made the metro league honor band and loved playing symphonies and musicals, plus marching was great, except the Portland Rose Parade, mile upon mile on a hot day with a heavy Sousaphone.  That was a bit too much.

Then in Hong Kong I switched to the baritone and played with a Dixieland band in a jazz club (just for fun).

My traveling days made hauling the brass hard, so I switched to the flute.  Took lessons from the principal flutist of the Hong Kong Philharmonic.  Haven’t played for years, working too hard, but I promise myself I’ll get back to it.

One thing I have not lost though is a lesson taught to me by Al Hoffman my first music teacher the first day we met.  I went with my next door neighbor and inseparable bud, Tommy Barrett.  Tommy went on to be a great musician and wonderful restaurateur, owning the Oyster House an culinary icon in Olympia, Washington.  Sadly he passed a few years ago.

We were trying out for various instruments and Mr. Hoffman gave us each a trombone to blow.  After I blew on it  Tommy (who eventually went with the clarinet) was handed the same trombone and asked to blow as well.

He looked at the mouth piece where my lips had just rested and said yuck, “Dog lips have touched this” or something like that.  Funny how some pictures stick in your mind for over fifty years.  I see Tommy looking at that tainted mouth piece as plain as if it were yesterday.

He asked what he was supposed to do to clean off that mouth piece.  Then Mr. Hoffman gave Tommy the word and me a lesson that stuck for life.  “Germs can’t live on silver.  It kills them, the second they touch it.  Just blow.  Don’t worry about the germs.”

Later in life I remembered this message when I first learned about colloidal silver and tongue scrapping.  Colloidal silver is made up of tiny microscopic particles of pure silver in water that when taken kills germs safely and rapidly.

Silver tongue scrappers help reduce bad bacteria in your mouth so you do not catch bugs, viruses, bacteria and the lot.

Good bye colds, flu and the rest.

Silver is so darn potent that drug manufacturers are scared to death. They have even worked on the government to try and shut colloidal silver down.

Today’s health tip is simple. Get a silver tongue scrapper and use it each morning before you eat, brush your teeth or do anything else.  Then scrape your tongue again at night before you go to sleep.

You will be pleased at the results.


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