Gain From Knowledge through Action

Here is why we need knowledge and action for economic freedom. 

65th octave

(See an excerpt from my novel that shows how to become profitably useful.)

The key to economic freedom is useful action.  Promises of economic security are rarely sincere.  For example last week 400,000 retirees protested pension cuts due this July.  A little-noticed act (the Multistate Employer Pension Reform Act) hidden in a huge 2014 end-of-year spending bill allows pension funds to renege on their promises if they are near insolvency.  The huge Central States Pension Fund is projected to be insolvent within a decade, so the Act has kicked in and severe reductions are being made.  For example a former trucker will see his $2,200 monthly pension fall to $1,200.  Some will see even larger cuts.

The recipients of these pensions often worked their entire lives based on the promise of a pension.  Now the guarantee of economic security in the golden years has been broken.

Congressional representatives who voted for the act are back pedaling.  They say the law was not presented on the level and never had its day in the sun.

These pension cuts must be approved or rejected by the Treasury Department May 7.  Watch for the decision as it could have huge ramification on your wealth.

The beneficiaries of this pension did nothing wrong.  They worked hard and relied on these promises made for their retirement.   Poor financial management by the pension plan’s trustees, the investment banks and other financial professionals that managed the fund let them down.  Now government pension guarantees are being eliminated.

This type of tale will grow.   The only way to assure a sound economic and happy life is to be profitably useful doing what you love.

I wrote the 65th Octave because in my first decades of global investment research I unearthed five golden investments that were among the century’s best.  Some readers made millions.  Yet a haunting question gnawed at me.  Information I gave delegates was the same, yet some investors earned fortunes, others made only a little and some lost!

“What was the difference between those who won and those that failed?”

This question haunted me.  Finding the answer became an obsession!  I reviewed thousands of economic experiences, talked to portfolio managers globally, even trekked jungles, through deserts and climbed high mountains to ask economic questions of wise men, Christian ministers, Incan Yatchaks, Andean Shamans, African missionaries, Hindu pundits in India, Sufi masters of Baghdad and Buddhist Llamas from Brazil.

The realities I saw could not be sent to my readers as fact so I spun what I learned into a novel, “The 65th Octave”.  My goal was to make the process of understanding abundance entertaining.  I threaded pieces of my research and years of experience into a story so readers could learn ways to fill their day-to-day business and investment activity with greater success, deeper social meaning and fulfillment without trying.

The 65th Octave, is an economic-thriller with a holistic quantum scientific twist.  Robin MacAllen, is a global consultant who lives in Florida and protects big banks and big investors from scams.  His friend stumbles onto an unbelievable con in England and is kidnapped.  MacAllen travels from Florida’s Everglades to a mysterious Celtic Isle and into the heart of England’s mystic lands to help.  The story takes a quantum twist when Robin is attacked by invisible, mystic forces.  He enlists the help of two Seminole Medicine Women, Talking and Silent Panther, to fend off the attacks.  They reveal an ancient cult, 65 controllers secretly taking over the financial world, cornering gold, stock markets, currencies and political power.  Beset by metaphysical attacks and chased by Florida’s most corrupt sheriff, Jimmy Ray Burnett, Robin learns Golden Words to beat the controllers and liberate his friend.  This story entertains as it shares deep economic wisdom derived from my years of working with investing gurus and shamans.

Here is an excerpt from Chapter 30 of the 65th Octave when Talking Panther tells Robin MacAllen about Golden Words that can bring him success. 

The only difference between an illiterate man and a scholar is education.  Not all scholars are wise, though.  The difference between a scholar and a wise man is truth.  But not even scholars who have heard truth are wise.  The difference between a fool and a wise man is action.   The key to action is knowledge, knowing.  Our silence needs to rest in truth.  This leads to action harmonious with the forces of nature.  Many men hear truth but fail to understand it or know it.

The blank look on Robin’s face prompted Talking Panther to continue. ” The Golden Words will give you an education in truth and the laws of nature.  The key to using this truth is understanding, and it is understanding that leads to action.  You will gain truth, but will have to act to apply that truth to your own existence.”

She closed her eyes again as she spoke.  “If I tell you how to ride a bicycle, you can learn all about it.  You could learn all the truths of how to ride that bicycle, the details, the techniques, what to say, do, wear.  But will you then know how to ride the bicycle?”

“I could still break my neck trying,” he replied.

She opened her eyes, looking directly at him and asked, “What must you do to know how to ride?”

He thought for a moment. “Ride,” he said.

She leaned closer to him now and her voice lowered to almost a whisper. ” Exactly!  You have to ride, to have the action of riding.  You have to act so you can combine your thoughts and your actions.  Until you do this, all you have are thoughts.  Thoughts without truth and action are like a rudder without a boat, a compass without stars.

“Thoughts are the source of action, but in our present world they are rarely united with action.  What we call knowledge is just speculation.  We speculate about the panther’s roar, but until we meet him face to face and feel his hot breath and experience his malignant claws, we do not know the panther.  Knowledge that has never been turned into action through experience is just speculation.”

The way to have economic security is to be profitably useful.  The way to attain this usefulness is to turn your passion into profit.  Come up with ideas about what you would love to do. Use these ideas to create income and something good from your service.  Once you have the idea… go ahead and do something.  Act.


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