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Perhaps I read 1984 and Brave New World at a too impressionable age, but have always been bothered that Ronald Reagan’s quote, “As government expands, liberty contracts” seems all too correct.  The US government seems too big.  However, there seems little we can do about this.  Mark Twain pointed out the problem when he wrote: “If voting made any difference, they wouldn’t let us do it.” 

We know that the government has been secretly surveilling American phone calls at the least.  I suspect this is the tip of the iceberg and though there is a lot of fuss going on about it,  I doubt we have seen the end of government intrusion in our lives.  Events like the hacking of government employee data linked to China give the security forces too many excuses to snoop.

We are NOT guilty until we prove ourselves innocent!   99% of us have nothing to hide.  Our innocence is the exact reason why no one should be knowing and keeping track of our private lives.  We may be forced by government to give up part of our privacy, (or simply not told that we are being watched), but we can vote with our money when it comes to private business.

We can gain more privacy from the private sector.

I do not like the fact that when I research information for my articles or send emails about some product or service,  I start getting ads related to the searches.  Search engines and big business simply know too much about us all.

I have used Google for years but a reader shared a better, more private solution.

He wrote: “Gary, a good friend pointed this out to me when I was lamenting that Google and Yahoo and Microsoft records use all the searches I do and all the sites I visit.

“She uses Ecosia. (1)   After loading Ecosia, when you type a search into Google you are directed to Ecosia which performs the search for you.  Therefore, Google only sees that you have searched for Ecosia, nothing else.  I have found searches through Ecosia better than through Google plus no ads.

“Thus Google, or other search engines, can’t spy and retain the sites you search for or click to open.

“Ecosia plants a tree when you use it to search. I’ve been using it for a month and already have had 347 trees planted on my behalf.

“One trick I use to get more trees planted – when I know the web address I want to open, I type that into the search box instead of the address box.  That way it comes up in Ecosia, protected from Google  and gets more trees planted.

“I commend this site to you for security and for carbon capture.”

Big Brother may be watching and this will be hard for us all to stop.  We can let business know though, “Stop snooping!”  If Google gets enough visits from Ecosia or the like, it and other businesses may rethink how they intrude on privacy.


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