Embrace Change

Embrace Change

Recently a reader sent the image below to me.  This struck me as important because many many think this is what they want, but the sentiment is misguided.  Life is change and we cannot go back.  The only wise way to gain from change is to embrace it.  A well known quote about change explains our options succinctly.  “Life is change.  Growth is optional. Choose wisely.”

freedom sign

This desire to leap into the past comes from the human tendency is to see bygone days through rose colored lenses.  For example I have really fond memories of my first car.


This is just like my first car, a blue 58 Chevy.  I am sure if I drove one like it, in its original form, I would be thinking something like, “What a junker!”

Change Creates Skills Bias

We (especially if you are a boomer or older) have seen more change in our lifetime than perhaps any other human being.  Theses changes have enriched the lifestyles of many.  They look at America today and say “Wow, what a great place”.

However inequality is being magnified by the technology that has come from change.  New technology creates “skills bias”.

Those who have embraced change and developed expertise in new technology are reaping huge, growing  rewards.  Those who try to stick with lifestyles of “When they grew up” are becoming poorer.

This problem is not easy for governments or commerce to fix.  In fact, big business and government are encouraging the problem.

We can see how change is hurting those who resist it every day.

Disney for example, in its quest for greater profit, uses modern technology to replace American workers with migrant labor.  An article New York Times “Lawsuits Claim Disney Colluded to Replace U.S. Workers With Immigrants” (1)  tells how hundreds of Disney workers were replaced by workers, mostly from India, who arrived on temporary H-1B visas.  Many of the American workers, mainly in technology but also in accounting and administration, who lost jobs to foreigners on H-1B visas had to train their replacements as a condition of their severance.  This seems as if we are being forced to load a gun that will be used to shoot us.  Two outsourcing companies dominate the H-1B visa system that brings in 85,000 temporary workers each year.

Disney, and other companies like it, have embraced change.  They use modern communications and transportation to reduce labor costs.  American workers don’t like this but the problem is going to get worse.

Another article New York Times “Trans-Pacific Trade Pact Would Lift U.S. Incomes, but Not Jobs Overall” (2) shows how this pact would increase incomes of some but inevitably some workers, especially in manufacturing, would be lost. These workers who lose jobs usually find alternative employment after serious transition costs including lasting wage cuts and unemployment. Despite the lost jobs, the United States, overall would see an $131 billion annual increase in income.  Who makes this extra income?  Farmers (read “big agri business”) and businesses export more ‘Made in America’ products (read big US manufacturers).  Both big business and agri businesses use immigrant labor and part time workers.

If we cannot depend on government and industry to pass on the benefits from change, then we have to embrace change ourselves. 

There are many positive benefits that change has created.  Here are three big benefits we can take advantage of when we embrace change.

#1: There is greater wealth.  The world has a growing global population with greater productivity.  That’s more supply.  That’s more demand.  that’s more business.   Since my first book, “Passport to International Profit”, published in the 1970s, I have in one way or the other, been writing about the benefits of being a citizen of the world.  By all means believe in the American rights of life, liberty and pursuit of happiness, but when it comes to health and wealth, use what we can get from everywhere.

#2: We have better access to knowledge.  Take advantage of the access we all have to good, usable information from around the world.

#3: We have access to technology that can help each of us have our own micro business.  This  frees us to enjoy the inevitable change that life brings.

The reality is change.  Embrace it!  Change is natural and the only truth we can really depend on.  When we embrace change positively, we can take advantage of the three advantages above.  We can create and complete missions that make our lives better.


(1)  www.nytimes.com Lawsuit claims disney colluded to-replace US  workers with immigrants

(2) www.nytimes.com International/trans-pacific pact would lift US incomes but not jobs overall

Embrace a microbusiness that embraces change and set you free.

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