Write to Sell and Be Well

When you write to sell, the rewards go beyond the income.   We live in a stressful world and chronic stress puts your health at risk.   Having your own business can help relieve financial stress.  Having a pinnacle career (your own business doing what you love) can relieve the more important emotional and mental stress.  Laughter, satisfaction, joy and ease bring the biggest health benefits of all.  Money and fulfillment bring contentment.

You can see these benefits of a writing career from our friend Nicki Goff, who used our Self Fulfilled writers course.

nicolette goff

She sent this note: Hi, Gary and Merri

I can’t thank you enough for helping me get going on writing and publishing.  Even though I’m not a best seller, I’m still enjoying it and making a bit of money as well.  Now that Dennis has finished “Mastery”, I’m excited to start reading it.  I know he enjoyed it a lot, and it came just at the right time.

I wanted to give you a quick update about my books – I’ve now 6 on Kindle, four of them in the gardening category.  I’ve loved gardening over the years, and learned a lot that I can share. I’m about to complete publishing the longer ones on CreateSpace as well. Nicki

Enjoy this golden era.  Despite many stresses in the world, we have a privilege.  This is the first era where, as we age, the value of experience becomes worth more than the cost of getting it.   Electronic advantages allows us all to organize and run a business at home that reaches out to serve and enjoy a dedicated audience of like minded souls.

Here are Nicki’s gardening books:

nickolette goff

Growing Culinary Herbs
The Under Cover Gardening Guide
Herbs for Health and Healing
How to Preserve and Enjoy Your Garden Herbs

Mastery can help you develop a routine to write to sell.

mastery gandt

You can order Amazon.com  Kindle Unlimited  is $0.00.  Kindle $4.99.  Paperback $13.99.  MGop to Amazon.com for Mastery by Bob Gandt and Gary Scott here


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