Healthy Egg Nog

Healthy Egg Nog?  Well, not quite, but there a wonderful alternative that’s close and saves about 193 calories per cup.

One way to prosper from change is to be physically ready for it… healthy… happy… energetic and in control.  Good nutrition helps us be this way.


Egg Nog in the Nutritional Hall of Infamy?

See this healthy egg nog replacement and two other holiday health tips below.

Preventive health care and natural health balancing is one of five ways we help our readers adapt to change.

One reason we lived and worked for over a year with an Ecuador shaman was to integrate what we had learned from alternative MDs in the US and Indian Vaidyas from the east.

The Ecuador Health tips we gained include good nutrition as a cornerstone of good health. Ecuador’s native health regime is based around good nutrition steeped in the ancient Andean traditions of a balance between carbohydrates, protein and fat.

This works.  Andeans in Ecuador are so bright and full of energy… the children so happy and healthy… eager and innocent.

There is no time when we are more tempted to abandon good nutritional sense than now…during the holidays!  Holiday food is overwhelmed with carbs and fat… especially treats like eggnog!

All the year’s effort to trim the waistline may gallop away via Christmas and holiday foods.

Advice on what not to do isn’t all that helpful either. Sure we know we should avoid rich creamy food and overeating.

Here are tips we learned that can help enjoy the holidays and stay healthier.

The first tip is to avoid all egg nog that’s sold in the stores!  The subject of cream brings me to egg nog, something the food manufacturers learned long ago how to make my horse run wild. Over the years I have learned that few things can make me as sick or throw me off balance as fast. It is a true curse for me and we do not allow it in the house but I still yearn during the season. I have solved this craving by using a great replacement “Celestial Seasonings Bengal Spice 100% natural herbal tea” in whole milk.

bengal-spice tea

According to the label on the box “Bengal Spice has a sweet creamy taste that adds a sumptuous quality to this melody of herbs and spices”.

The ingredients include cinnamon, chicory, carob, ginger, cardamom, black pepper, cloves and nutmeg. I make tea from dipping the tea bag in boiled milk. Plus I add a batch of star anise for extra flavor. Best to enjoy this hot… for good digestibility… a key to nutritional success.

A cup of egg nog runs around 343 calories. .. a cup of  whole milk about 150 calories so you save 193 calories per cup.  In the USA, a cup is 8 ounces so the difference in a 12 ounce glass can amount to nearly 300 calories!

Even if you drink this healthier drink cold it’s an excellent replacement for egg nog, giving a holiday feel, satisfying the desire for rich and sweet but without as many bad side effects.


Ancient secrets can help us improve our natural good health.

*  New Shamanic Natural Health Nutritional Report can help control weight.

* Correct a simple, common mistake that can increase the chances of obesity by 84%.

* Learn “Sunski” the art of eating for purification and natural health.

Natural good health is increasingly important.  Changes in modern health care systems make staying out of the hospital a good idea these days.  Ancient health knowledge doesn’t keep changing and costing more.  The old ways remain because they stop health problems before they begin rather than react to disease.

Over the past 40 years Merri and I have lived around the world and checked out just about every source on natural health care.  We have spent years living with natural health care insiders, and actually trying what they offered.

We took thousands of readers to Ecuador. Many met the shamans there and we saw some health miracles take place (including a miracle with me!)

Since not everyone can go to Ecuador, I have created a Shamanic Natural Health Care Report on nutrition that can help improve natural health.  It is concise and to the point.  In 15 minutes the first report shows exactly how to start preparing for better health and more energy.

We do not have to depend on the health care and health insurance monopolies for better natural health…or cave into a healthcare system that can put us at risk and charge outrageous prices at the same time.

Our shamanic health report provides information on how to use ancient health care systems to become healthier –  self sufficient – providing our own good health.

The report is titled “Sunski”, the Andean word for good eating, for maximum nutrition and purification.

We created this report on eating because so many of our readers have found the Andean shamanic nutrition helps them kick start their health with weight trimming.  Here is what a few readers have written to us:

These are typical notes I have received from readers. They all contain this common Ecuador weight loss refrain.

*Hi Merri,  Things have worked out well.  I am healthier than I have ever been, lost 32 pounds since arriving in Sept.  Bought a house and have finished the first level.  What an amazing place you have found.  Thanks Phil – Ecuador

* We’ve decided to change our eating patterns since we came home because we so enjoyed our meals at the farm and how we felt physically. Thanks so much. With love” JJ New – Chicago

* After eating all that delicious food I gained 3 lbs but it must be in muscle weight as my pants fit loosely!”  R Vickers – New Mexico

* “The food was so delicious and I thought I ate a lot, but during the week I lost six pounds!” WB Australia.

Good eating is the first step towards natural health. The first rule of good health is getting the correct nutrition.  The second step is purification of toxins and eating to avoid getting impurities in our body in the first place!

Sunski is a way to eat that strengthens and purifies as it stops adding toxicity from eating.  Yet Sunski is a delicious, healthy “self defined” cleansing process.  One lesson in Sunski shows how to correct a simple mistake that most of the Western population makes which increases the chances of adding and retaining weight by 84%.

Sunski combines lessons about healthy eating that we learned from years of working with ayurvedic health masters and then living with the Ecuador Taita Yatchak and his apprentices.

We lived, worked, farmed, cooked and ate with a Taita Yatchak for years while learning “Sunski”.

We’ve invested thousands of hours into learning the skills of health self-reliance and resilience, identifying the best foods and combinations and sifted through loads of seeming contradictions to get to the facts about “do it yourself” longevity and natural health.

But that wasn’t enough – not when our good health is on the line.  So we consulted dozens of top professions who know a lot about natural health.  We spoke with holistic MDs chiropractors, Indian Vaidyas, Andean Yatchaks, and other self-reliant natural health experts who live this way every day.

Don’t let the simplicity fool you… years of research went into these reports.

And we only kept the best of the best: this system is complete – and FAST to learn – so you can get started immediately.

We all need to stay out of hospitals and reduce our exposure to modern medical risks and costs.

Why re-invent the wheel?  Especially when time is NOT on our side.

We’ve already done the hard work pulling together the information we all need to create better natural, good health.

Imagine… never worrying about what we eat ever again and reducing the risks of hospitalization and the outrageous costs.

A few of the life balancing nutritional tips include how to:

#1: Eat a balance of fat, carbohydrates and protein.

#2: Eat combinations of food for ideal digestion.

#3: Eat clean organic food prepared and served by happy, joyful people.

#4: Eat in good spirits at the right times of day.

#5: Chew in the correct way.

#6: Eat purifying and satisfying meals.

#7:  Adapt eating habits that are suited to individual specific makeup and lifestyle and why such individualized nutrition is better than any specific set plan.

* A complete list of EZ to use recipes that will immediately improve your short term energy… and your long term natural health – so that you never have to guess what you need (or rely on the health care establishment  to tell you the truth).

* The single biggest constraint you’ll face in your eating habits  – and how you can eliminate it by adding two simple recipes to your Sunski system.

* How to calculate exactly how much food you need so you don’t over or under build your nutritional plan.

* A simple solution for making sure that your food delivers what your body needs when you need it.

* What components you can choose for yourself and how to avoid mass diets that seem to work for every one except… you.

* The best long term solution for avoiding sugar.

* Turn meals and nuts into super foods.

* Use sweet spices to compensate for stress.

* Specific types of unique spices that give you the biggest energy bang for your buck.

* Spices that cleanse and purify.

*  Three changes in your fruit consumption that is a critical component for long term purification…

* The best times to eat specific foods.

* How to direct different foods to different parts of the body.

* Three teas that add a resilience to your natural health system that are easy to make and enjoy at home at a low cost.

* Why it is good ( in fact almost a requirement) to sometimes eat junk food and when.

The first report also includes 13 special recipes of quick and easy but perfectly balanced meals and snacks.

quinoa pancakes

One of the recipes is for Chocolate Quinoa Pancakes.

All of this information is in “Sunski” the first of five shamanic health reports.

Special and delicious, but fast and healthy recipes.

Merri received this note from a reader:   Merri, your wonderful cooking deserves very special thanks. Everything was delicious. I’m now using close to your ingredients but I miss a lot in the result and long for a recipe or two.” Nancy H – Ireland

These recipes are easy to make, delicious to eat, inexpensive but balanced and healthy foods prepared in a shamanic way.

Recipes include:

Carrot Cake Quinoa Brownie with Stevia

Thermos Quinoa Kichiri

High Protein Veggie Almond Savory Cottage Pie

Mild Turmeric Curry

Low Carb Quinoa Tapioca Crumble

Merri’s Blackberry Crumble with Quinoa and Stevia

Merri’s Quinoa Strawberry Shortcake

Merri’s Quinoa Corn Bread

Merri’s Quinoa Corn Bread Dressing

Quinoa Risotto With Arugula and Parmesan

Timbal of Quinoa topped with Ginger or Parmesan Cheese

Quinoa Gazpacho With a Sherbert of Coriander

Quinoa Taboleh

Mango Quinoa Salad

Quinoa Avocado Curry

These reports can help you improve your natural health and the extra energy you gain can change your life.

The mother of one reader in Tampa, Florida who attended one of our shamanic health tours wrote: “Hi Merri and Gary: Thank You! Thank You! Thank You!  Our daughter called me from the airport. She was very happy, excited and told me all about the wonderful time.  She could not stop talking about you guys, about the seminar and about the whole positive experience.

“We want to thank you both so much for your support and care and for the wonderful attention you gave. I don’t think she could have made it without your help. Her health is so unpredictable…. She can be fine for a few weeks and then she has a relapse….and, of course, traveling is very stressful for her. But she has a wonderful attitude and is so looking forward to get her business off the ground…this is the first time in over 6 years that she has been able to ‘get back to work’ and she is full of optimism. Thanks again for being so understanding and helpful. I just don’t know how to express our thanks other than to send you both a big warm hug!”  CT Tampa

This shamanic health report can help make your life better.  We guarantee it.


Here is our guarantee.  Order and read the first report.  If you are not totally happy, simply let me know.  I’ll refund your payment of $19.95 in full.  You can keep the nutrition report as our thanks for trying.  You have nothing to lose except the fear of having no way to avoid a health care system that may be worse than the illness.

Order “Sunski”.  Click here.  $19.95

See how to get Mastery on Kindle FREE

Here are Unusual Factors of Success

Here are three unusual factors that can bring unusual success to anyone lucky enough to master their secrets.  Three legends reveal these factors. The factors are unusual because the three men could not seem more different yet each is (was) preeminent and almost incomparable in their individual field.


Their endeavors have been totally different, one religion, others business and politics.  That’s unusual because the differences in their lifestyles seem completely apart.  One went to bed about the time another was rising.   One eats McDonald’s hamburgers and sells Colas while another is a vegetarian.  One of these men is celibate and doesn’t drink alcohol or use tobacco.  Another was famous for smoking huge cigars and his prodigious consumption of alcohol every day.

Yet all three used the same three factors to become the legends they are.

We too can use these unusual factors to attain unusual success.

These men have all used the same three factors to achieve vitality and success.  These factors brought them longevity as well.  Churchill lived and remained a member of Parliament to age 89.  Warren Buffet is 85 and still going strong. The Dalai Lama at age 80 remains inspirational and fully engaged.

What unusual factors do the Dalai Lama, Winston Churchill and Warren Buffett have in common?   First, without question, they shared success. They have been absolute, unquestionable leaders in their fields.  What factors brought them this?

These three titans came from such different fields, yes.  They lived very different lifestyles, yes.   The three factors they shared are the same:

Factor #1: Focus.

Factor #2: Routine.

Factor #3: Commitment.

The one especially important factor they all shared is commitment to personal freedom.

The Buddhist teachings exemplified by the Dalai Lama are based on freedom of choice.

Winston Churchill left the army to pursue a career in writing and politics. He chose to be free of  discipline and authority, and wanted to be independent.  He said “With nobody to give me orders or arouse me by bell or trumpet.”  Yet he created an even more strict daily schedule than the army gave him, a routine that he delighted in because he created it himself.

Warren Buffett is considered one of the world’s most successful investors, yet money is not his main goal.  His journey is the reward.  The money is simply a vehicle that brings freedom to design the life he wants to live.

These three behemoths also share an important adherence to routine.  Their routines are incredibly varied but the common factor is their huge commitment to routine.

Buffett is a creature of habit and spends about 80% of everyday reading.  He doesn’t spend his day reading because he has to. He designed it that way.

Churchill had a a seemingly bizarre routine with days that began at 8 am.  After a bath and shave he jumped back in bed and read papers for a couple of hours with a whiskey soda and cigar.  Once the newspapers were read he answered mail, dictated memoranda and greeted any visitors he wanted to see.   Then he worked on speeches and books until a 1:15 lunch.  He enjoyed an unrushed sumptuous lunch.  After the mid-day meal Churchill walked to the pond on his property, fed the ducks and swans and began a period of uninterrupted thought and reflection before either painting, reading, or listening to music.  At 3 pm he took at two hour nap.  5 pm was time to spend a couple of hours with his family.  At 7 pm he took a second bath pondering future speeches and writings before sitting down to a big dinner at 8:30.  At 11:00 pm, Churchill began his second uninterrupted work period, writing usually until 2 am, sometimes even 3 or 4 am.

The Dalai Lama on the other hand wakes around 3 am.  After a morning shower, he begins the day with prayers and meditation until 5 am. At 5 am he walks until breakfast is served at 5.30 am.  During breakfast, the BBC World News is played.  From 6 am to 9 am there is more meditation and prayers. Then at 9 am he studies  Buddhist texts and commentaries written by great Buddhist masters.  Lunch is at 11.30 am.   Office work is from 12.30 pm until 3.30 pm, when typically, interviews are scheduled.  At 5 pm a light evening tea is served before evening prayers and meditation. The Dalai Lama does not eat dinner and retires around 7 pm.

The routines of these great men differ in many respects, but there are aspects of their activity that are common.  First, each routine is based around the person.  They each created a routine that works for them.  Second, each routine has time for plenty of reading.  Before these men act, they intake a great deal of information.  Third, each devotes a great deal of time to focused contemplation.

When Churchill sat at the pond, he preferred solitude.  He would dismiss his servant and sit alone with his reflections.  When Buffett reads, he’s in the zone, closes the windows and shuts off everything.  He focuses entirely on what he’s reading at that moment. The Dalai Lama meditates 4 hours a day.

The common thread that binds these factors and created their greatness is their commitment to mastery.  The routine, the reading, the meditation, contemplation and focus are all integrated to gain mastery over their chosen path.

This is why I want to introduce you to to “Mastery”, I coauthored with Bob Gandt.

“Mastery” shows how to use unusual factors to gain unusual success.

A huge part of the Western population has lost the sweet dream of freedom and expectation of a better life.  Getting ahead has become an empty promise.   Millions have resigned themselves to a slow, insidious erosion in their lifestyle.

Our book, “Mastery” shows how to use the three unusual factors to create a mission plan for reclaiming the Western Dream.

“Mastery” debunks the myths that age, ability and economic stability are limiting.  Mastery shows how, at any age, under any circumstance, you can dramatically improve your health, fitness and life style.

“Mastery” shares how to use the three unusual factors to attain mastery over specifics such as how to:

* Travel the  world with a new zest for adventure.

* Regain good natural health, overcome arthritis, memory loss.

* Launch a micro business.

* Write a book and see it published.

* Read 1000+words per minute and retain what you learn.

* Learn a new language.

* Learn to fly, meditate, juggle, cook, play a musical instrument.

* Restore vitality, build new muscle, run, race bikes.

*  Expand the fulfillment and meaning in every part of your life.

Here are four gifts you can give that will give forever.

mastery gandt

“Mastery”  prices at Kindle Unlimited  $0.00.  Kindle $4.99.  Paperback $13.99.

You can order these books at  Mastery by Bob Gandt and Gary Scott.  Click here.

How to Practice a Meaningful Life Dalai Lama $13.99

The Snowball: Warren Buffett and the Business of Life $13.99

The Last Lion: Winston Spencer Churchill: Defender of the Realm, 1940-1965 $19.99


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