A Dip for the Silver Dip

Because of a dip in the price of silver, let me introduce you to the Silver Dip.

silver chart

Imagine investing ahead of a spike like this.

With investors watching global stock markets bounce up and down, many missed two really important profit generating events.

The price of silver dipped below $14 an ounce as did shares of the iShares Silver ETF (SLV).  Click on chart from www.finance.yahoo (1) to enlarge.

At the same time the silver gold ratio hit 80, a strong sign to invest in precious metals.

I have been preparing a special report “Silver Dip 2015” about a leveraged silver speculation that can increase the returns in a safe portfolio by as much as eight times.  The purpose of the report is to share long term lessons gained through 30 years of speculating and investing in precious metals.  While working on the report, when the gold silver ratio slipped to 80 and the price of silver dropped below $14 an ounce, I knew I needed to share this immediately.

The low price of silver offers special value now.

The Silver Dip has been written to show how to determine good value in precious metals and ways to diversify silver in a portfolio.  This report is based on my 35 plus years of investing and speculating in silver.  In fact the Silver Dip of 1986 was the first specific investment report I ever published.  Circumstances relating to precious metals were similar in 1986 to now.

Silver had crashed in 1986, I mean really crashed, from $48 per ounce.  As prices decreased from early 1983 into 1986, total supply had fallen to 449.7 million ounces.  Mine production was restricted by the low prices at this time, with silver reaching a low for this period of $4.85 in May 1986. Secondary recovery also was constricted by these low prices.

Then silver’s price skyrocketed to over $11 an ounce within a year.  The Silver Dip described in the 1986 report turned an $12,000 ($18,600) British pound loan (investors only had to put up $250) into $42,185.

In May 1986 the dollar pound rate was 1.55 dollars per pound.  The 12,000 pound loan purchased $18,600 of silver.  The pound then crashed to 1.40 dollars per silver.   The loan could be paid off for $13,285 immediately creating an extra $5,314 profit or total profit of $47,499 in just a year.

The British pound is remarkably worth $1.55 again, 29 years later!

If history repeats itself, expect silver prices to rise sharply in the next one to three years.  Investors can again expect to double, triple, even quadruple their speculation in as little as a year.

This is why the “Silver Dip 2015” will be one of the seven portfolios, the most speculative, we will study at our October 17-18 Investment Seminar in Jefferson, North Carolina.  Because conditions are so ideal, I cannot wait to send the Silver Dip and have rushed to finish this report.  Merri concluded her edit last night.

The Silver Dip 2015 explains:

  • How to use the Silver Dip without adding a penny of cash if you already have investments.
  • How to invest as little as a thousand dollars in the Silver Dip if you do not have a current investment portfolio.
  • Why this is a speculation, not an investment and who should and should not speculate and how to limit losses and take profits.
  • Three reasons conditions are so ripe for the Silver Dip now.
  • Three different ways to invest and speculate in silver, in the US or abroad.
  • How to buy silver straight or with dollar leverage or with leverage in the British Pound (and why the pound now).
  • How to protect against a falling silver price.

The Silver Dip 2015 also contains four matrices that calculates profits and losses so investors can determine cut off positions in advance to protect profits and/or losses.  The report also looks at how to switch time horizons for greater safety and how this eliminates silver contracts and options.


One of the four matrices in the Silver Dip 2015.  Click on image to enlarge.

Low interest rates and high inflation of life’s basics (like food) mean that safe investments such as deposits and bonds are no longer safe.  The stock market is highly dangerous in the short term.  The Silver Dip 2015 shows how to take a safe investment and use it to generate much higher returns that combat inflation.

Learn how to get silver loans for as low as 1.58%.   See why to beware of  certain brokers and trading platforms, how to choose a good bank or broker and how silver profits are taxed.

The report includes a complex comparison of gold and silver with other costs of living from 1942 to today to help determine the real value of silver.

Finally learn why and how to use advisers to manage profits from the Silver Dip.

Remember these key numbers: Silver 6,700 ounces at $14.75.  Pound loan $100,000 dollars worth of pounds (64,500 pounds)  at $1.55 per pound.  They can add up to as much as $61,359 of extra profit in the Silver Dip.

The “Silver Dip 2015” will be one of the portfolios, we study at our October 17-18 Value Investment Seminar, but because conditions are so ideal, I am rushing this report to you now.

This silver speculation is so time sensitive with such fast profit (but also loss) potential that October may be too late.

Order now by clicking here.  Email me the Silver Dip $27.00

Enroll in  our October 17-18, 2015 Value Investing Seminar and I’ll immediately email  you the Silver Dip 2015 at no charge. 


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