Anti Anti-Bacteria

We need Anti Anti-Bacterial Fighters.

Antibiotics knocked back infectious diseases for over seventy years.  Like most good things, the drugs were over utilized.  Bacteria has adapted and become stronger and worse.

Many antibiotics are useless against super infections.

This is a large and growing problem. In the US, over two million people get resistant infections.  More than 25,000 of these people die.   That is almost as many deaths as from car accidents (33,804) or falls (30,208).  That’s about 20% of ALL unintentional injury deaths in the USA (130,557).

This is just the beginning.  A recent report from the U.K. government estimates that drug-resistant microbes could cause more than 10 million deaths and cost the global economy $100 trillion by the year 2050.  (1)

There are numerous contributors to the problem.  Antibiotics in the food supply is a major contributor to resistant bacteria.  These antibiotics get into rivers and water supplies.  Drugs are flushed down the toilet, unused and even those ingested can end up in the water supply.

Many drugs come from manufacturing waste. Some rivers in India, in fact, have higher concentrations of active antibiotics than have been consumed by all the patients who were prescribed the drugs!

Antibiotics get into everything, the food we eat, the water we drink, the air we breath.  Then we transport them with global travel and exports.  The Ebola outbreak has shown that there is no such thing as containing a germ.

To make matters worse, the main breeding ground of resistant infections is the very place that the most susceptible go.  A  CDC report (Center for Disease and Control) warns, “The most dangerous place for contracting an anti resistant infection is the hospital”.

No one can completely avoid this risk. The toxic alternatives to treat these infections are not effective and they are expensive, often hugely expensive.

The CDC has listed two specific infections that have an urgent hazard level, Clostridium difficile and Carbapenem-Resistant Enterobacteriaceae (CRE). (2)

Clostridium difficile (C. difficile) causes life-threatening diarrhea.  These infections mostly occur in people who have had both recent medical care and antibiotics.  Often, C. difficile infections occur in hospitalized or recently hospitalized patients.

These bacteria create 250,000 infections a year, 14,000 deaths and billions dollars in excess medical costs.

CRE is nearly untreatable.  CRE bacterial infections are on the rise among patients in medical facilities.  CRE have become resistant to all or nearly all the antibiotics we have today.  Almost half of hospital patients who get bloodstream infections from CRE bacteria die from the infection.

CRE is resistant to almost all available antibiotics and there are 18,300 infections and 600 deaths a year.

The CDC says “Hospitals remain a source of many of the most resistant organisms.”

What can one do?

First, let’s try to stay out of hospitals.

There are several ways to gain protection.

#1: Fight infection with Essential Oils.  The good news is that as bacteria adapts,  so does plants. Plants protect themselves from all types of attacks-insect, environmental and bacterial.

We can use this fact to fight resistant bacterial infection because plant based essential oils have antimicrobial qualities.

Essential oils are the essence of plants and carry their protective qualities.

A report from the Alliance For Natural Health (3) shows how essential oils help overcome many health issues ranging from nausea and migraines, to even being powerful enough to kill human cancer cells of the breast, colon, mouth, skin, and more.

Thyme and clove essential oils have been found effective in treating bacteria.

A US study found tea-tree oil was a more effective treatment for staph-infected wounds than normal treatments.  Additional research found that lemongrass oil could reduce resistant infections.

Learn more about tea tree oil

#2: Take Colloidal Silver.  Silver is among the world’s oldest known antibiotics.

Learn more about Colloidal Silver

#3:  Use Vitamin D. Studies have linked vitamin D to the successful prevention and treatment of some resistant bacteria.

Learn more about fighting infection with Vitamin D

That facts are clear.  Conventional medicine is headed down a ruinous path.  Superbugs will infect and kill too many people.  Integrative approaches offer a number of easy to use, inexpensive alternatives.

Conventional medicine and the big pharma-financed media will try to convince us otherwise and sell us on really hard to use expensive stuff.

This time logic and science are firmly on the alternative side.


(1) UK Government report on super infections

(2) CDC Report on resistant drugs

(3) Alliance for Natural Health report on essential oils killing resistant bacteria

Fighting bacteria is only one reason that Merri and I use a tea tree based soap and deodorant.  See more powerful heath benefits below.



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