Amazon Business Opportunity

This Amazon business opportunity is in the Amazon jungle.

La Selva

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The word… Amazon… is one of the most branded names in the world.  There are a few really good lodges in the Amazon and they have a great demand.

La Selva

La Selva Amazon Lodge is special and there is a business opportunity at the lodge that does not require a big investment.

La Selva

This is La Selva lodge in Ecuador’s Amazon.


These photos were sent to me by my friend, Kjetil Haugan, the owner of the “totally rejuvinated” La Selva lodge.

The photos Kjetil sent show what…


a great job was done with the …


rejuvenation. This is the main lodge.


The main lodge balcony.


Steps up into the canopy!  You are in the wilderness but…


in luxury.

La Selva Lodge has been in operation since the 1980s, offering incredible eco tours, jungle treks, free birding, wonderful cuisine, a true adventure that supports the indigenous community and environment.

Ecuador Living Club Members have been able to save far more than the cost of a year’s club membership on discounts gained just at a La Selva Jungle Lodge adventure.

Now that La Selva is upgraded so too are the benefits.  We have worked closely with Kjetil both in his Palmazul and Vistazul projects and his outstanding Galapagos cruises.  Kjetil offers a 20% discount to Ecuador Living club members.   This means that Ecuador Living club members can save more than the cost of their membership on one stay at La Selva lodge.

Club members also gain discounts on Galapagos tours and hotels in Ecuador as well.  See how to join the Ecuador Living Club here.

Amazon Business Opportunity

Although Kjetil has upgraded La Selva into one of the Amazon’s best, he wants to do more.  He recently sent me this post.

Gary,  We continue to improve La Selva.  Right now we are making a new entrance and fixing the observation tower.

The idea from the beginning was to create something different from the rest of the lodges in the area.   We have created a much better infrastructure than the others, but I want to make La Selva a wellness resort that can help change people both physically and spiritually.

Spending a week deep into the Amazon jungle with healthy, local food, early yoga lessons before the excursions, spa with treatments based on local knowledge and ceremonies with local shamans will transform the guests.

Everything will continue to be of the highest quality.

I would like to partner up with a group or company that is already in the wellness/resort/spa business and have them invest to convert the lodge into a wellness center and manage it.

I do not think this will require a large investment but has the potential to turn La Selva into something different from every other Amazon lodge.  Kjetil.

For more details send me a note with your wellness background and what you would like to do in the Amazon at

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