Less is More

Today’s shortened attention span makes less worth more in writing and publishing.  Reduced costs of electronic and print on demand support this fact.

Frank Clark Book Cover

“Lie Down with Cellos and Nightshade” is Frank Clark’s newest novel in the Jazz Malone series.

The story is of a beautiful young Russian woman, a six million dollar Stradivarius cello, and a deadly Nightshade cocktail that lures private investigator Jazz Malone to the brink of death.

Frank is presenting this in the new, short serial format we are helping Writer’s Camp delegates test.

The serial and sequel concepts are working well in self publishing.  As the market place is filled with increasing numbers of self published books, one key to sales success is to get readers to take a first look and to build a list from those viewers.

A shorter first look, lowers the cost, generates revenue, helps build a list of readers and acts as prospecting tool for more readers.

Self publishing and Ereaders support this process because they lower the cost of books.  Readers are more likely to take a risk on a new author for .99 cents to $2.99.  Low cost books can be shorter.  Short books can be completed faster and talked about sooner. This creates a greater chance of viral expansion.

Frank is offering “Lie Down with Cellos and Nightshade” chapter by chapter on Kindle at $1.47 per chapter.

To introduce Jazz Malone and help you see how he is unrolling this book, he has created a code so our readers can get Chapter One of “Lie Down with Cellos and Nightshade” FREE today and tomorrow. Click here.

Frank will be at our August 30, 31 and September 1 Writer’s Camp to share more on how he is self publishing.


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