The Multi Dimensional Man

Here is a question about this multi dimensional man.  How old does he look?

NYT Image

The lessons we gain here are about how and why our guess about his age are so wrong.

This image comes form the New York Times article “In Coins, Man Found a Century of Learning” by Matthew Healy.

This article tells the story of Eric P. Newman who began collecting coins when his grandfather gave him a strange old penny.

Newman’s passion for coin collecting created a passion that created a multi dimension business and lifestyle that I suspect has led him to his age.

Newman was the 101 year old in the photo and the article was published May 2014 when at age 102 he sold two coins (for 1.41 million each) to donate to charity.

Newman is a multi dimensional writer and coin collector,  turning his passion into profit by writing and investing in coins.

The article says:  Beginning last year, Mr. Newman — who, at 102, is still researching and writing on the hobby — began selling some of the prized items from his collection to benefit a foundation he established to promote scholarship on coins.

One lesson we can learn from Mr. Newman is to immerse ourselves in what we love and use the business evolutionary cycle.

Your passion begins the business evolutionary cycle to begin. An idea, dream or passion creates enthusiasm. Enthusiasm leads to education. Education leads to action. Action leads to profit or loss and experience. Experience leads to new ideas. The process starts again, but in a larger way and again and again.

In Newman’s case pennies given to him by his grandfather led him to start collecting coins.   At a coin store the owner refused to sell Newman a coin because he knew nothing about it.

Newman said: “But if I would take home a book he would lend me and recite the coin’s history on my next visit, he would sell it to me.”

This became a habit, to learn about every coin before he made a purchase.

Another lesson is to give back.   Newman created a foundation to share his success.  Beyond the two coins mentioned above, he sold four other coins that generated $44 million for charity.

The third lesson is to expand your passion in multi dimensional ways.

The article continues: “The key thing about Mr. Newman is the breadth of his knowledge,” Ms. Wartenberg said. “He is not only a collector but a writer.” He has more than 100 books and articles to his credit, and he has been awarded the highest honor among academic numismatists, which is rare for a collector.

The forth lesson is to allow passion to help us see the big picture.

Explaining his attraction to coins, Mr. Newman said they offered a “wonderful window into history and other fields for me. Numismatics involves economics, politics, geography, metallurgy and art.”

Finally, let your passion lead you in mutliple directions.  In Newman’s case his passion even led him to his wife.  He was captivated by a coin necklace his future wife, Evelyn, was wearing.

Newman says: I would never sell the coins on the necklace Evelyn was wearing when we met in 1938”.  The couple celebrated their 74th wedding anniversary in late 2013.

The reports we publish coined the phrase “Turn Your Passion Into Profit” in the 1980s.  Newman’s passion for coins gives us a century long reflection of what this phrase means.


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(1) In Coins, Man Found a Century of Learning


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