How to Gain from Change

Here are thoughts on how to profit by embracing change.  We live in an era of rapid change.  Adapting and applying basic laws of nature to new technologies and changing social constructs are vital to success.

The quote of the day at the New York Times website on February 7, 2014 shows the risk of listening to experts. The quote was from Ray Bloch, musical director for “The Ed Sullivan Show”.  He said of the Beatles, when they made their first live appearance on American television 50 years ago.

“I give them a year.”

Experts often are expert at what has happened… not what will happen.  Sometimes they also have hidden agendas.


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Merri, David and I are always testing new ways of communicating with our readers.  We know the value of embracing change.   The evolution in our business has taught us to integrate what we learn and feel with what others say.

This is our hacienda in Ecuador. We lived and worked with the Ecuador shaman here.


The shaman would walk with us through the cloud forest.  As the trails narrowed… the cliffs became steep and he would say; “Look ahead… close your eyes and walk. Trust the path. You know where to go. Your eyes blind your vision.

We would wind our way along the cliffs, not seeing, but feeling where we were headed instead and knowing that the path was correct.

Our eyes and logic lead us along the here and now path.  Our hearts and intuition guided us into the future.

Let me see if I can express in words this process that cannot really be expressed… because without want or need… following paths we could not see but knew were there, led us to happiness, fulfillment but also to financial success.

That exercise gave Merri and me confidence that the feelings and beliefs we have created with our years of experience are more important guides to the future than what the experts say.

Use the intuition from the heart to escape the “Tyranny of Reason” and keep three facts in mind:
#1: There is always something we (you and the experts) do not know and that’s okay.

#2: Your highest intellect kicks in when you integrate logic with your deeper intuitive intelligence.

#3:  Go do things- the base of all research is trial and error.

We live in an era that is a noisy place. Amidst all the useless information that tells you what you should and should not do,  remember this phrase from the Rumi poem…

“Start a huge, foolish project, like Noah…it makes absolutely no difference what people think of you.”



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Join us in gaining from change over the year ahead.

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