Andean Oils for the Cold Weather

Natural Medicine comes in numerous forms and frequencies.  When Merri and I studied with Ecuador shamans we found that they view all medicines as frequencies, simply presented in different ways.

shamanic oils

I have this beautiful wooden box sitting on my desk.

shamanic oils

The idea behind this box was presented to me by an Andean shaman and it contains health balancing secrets.

There are seven stones and seven essential oils each aimed at balancing a specific energy center in my body.

A lot of powerful medicine comes from plants.  Aspirin is based upon White Willow. Acetyldigoxin is based upon Foxglove (Digitalis lanata).  There are hundreds if not thousands of other examples.

I use these oils to remain balanced and in good health… but when in situations that goe beyond the norm… such as extreme cold or during long distance travel… I use more specific oils.

During cold spells or if I have a cold or flu, I using the Ear Nose and Throat oil formulated by Candace Newman.

This formula uses pure essential oils of Lavender, Tea Tree, Thyme, Ravintsara, Blue Chamomile and Clove.  This stimultes the body and Ravintsara is Cinnamomun camphora from Madagascar… excellent for infections. These oils are mixed in a base of pure fractionated coconut oil and organic golden jojoba oil.

Candace developed this formula in 1995 for a neighbor with ear aches.  It has gone on to be great aid for children’s ear infections, sinus issues, colds & flu, sore throats, and healthier airplane travel.

At this time of the year Merri and I apply the formula to a small piece of a cotton ball and keep it in our ears for a good night’s sleep, or if we feel a cold trying to establish itself.

This formula is also great protection for long distance travel and Candace includes it in her Healthy Travel Essential Oil pack.

This pack has:

* Lavender-Peppermint Mist

* Pure Lavender Essential Oil for balancing the central nervous system and for the stress and nerves of travel.

* Pure Peppermint Essential Oil for motion sickness, jet lag, digestion, and sinus & head relief.

* Ear, Nose and Throat Oil to apply to the nose, ears, sinus areas, throat, chest or neck.  A few drops on a piece of cotton for your ears on planes helps relieve the stress of flying.

oil lady essential oil

See full details on  Ear, Nose and Throat Oil.

oil lady essential oil

See full details Essential Oil Travel Pack.

Powerful medicine comes from plants and the essential oil contains the greatest power of the plant.


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