Urgent Multi Currency Diversification

We looked at the urgent need for multi currency diversification in last weekend’s International Investing & Business Seminar.

gary scott seminar

One delegate wrote: Dear Gary and Merri,  Thank you for the wonderful seminar on International Investing & Business!  Every part of the weekend stimulated my thinking and understanding, and I came home inspired and ready to work.

At the seminar we looked at seven reasons why the US dollar is in a precarious position similar to five years after the 1980s recession when it suffered a tremendous fall as shown in this chart from Grandfather.com.

gary scott seminar

Chart from Grandfather.com Economic Reports.

At the seminar we looked at how to structure savings in a safer way with a Three Point Wealth Protection Posture. Here are charts we viewed at the seminar.

gary scott seminar

Finally we reviewed three ways to gain this multi currency diversification… the first being three ETFs that make it easy for any sized investor to hold a multi currency portfolio.

gary scott seminar

The first is the Vanguard Total Bond ETF for investors who want to hold non US bonds in multi currencies.

gary scott seminar

The second is the Vanguard Total International ETF which allows small investors to spread their savings into other currencies via 6000 non US equities around the world.

The third is a managed multi currency account managed by ENR Asset Management in Canada and held by Jyske Bank in Denmark.  This portfolio invests in five currencies with strong fundamentals and gold.

gary scott seminar

You can get details about these five currencies and this portfolio from Thomas Fischer at Thomas@enrasset.com

Non US investors contact Jyske’s Henrik Boellingtoft at Henrik.boellingtoft@jbpb.dk


You can learn how to develop a multi currency portfolio with our Borrow-Low Deposit High Multi Currency Report or join us at our next  International Investing & Business Seminar.

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