The Power of Ritual for Health & Wealth

There is enormous power in ritual for health & wealth.

A previous article at this site looked at how we can use the power of ritual to create wealth and natural health.


One aspect of ritual is association.  Thoughts are a bundle of frequencies created by association. These thoughts are totally subjective and completely unique to each individual.  Take a ping pong paddle as an example.  If one person played happy games of ping pong every day with their friends, every time they see a ping pong paddle their neural system is flooded with neural transmitters that enhance energy and flood the person with a sense of positivity and well being.  Another person who was beaten with a ping pong paddle daily by their father… sees the same paddle and associates it with horror.  Their body is flooded with enervating chemistry that can help lead to poor health.

So every day, I use my dad’s old fashioned shaving brush… an “Ever Ready Guaranteed” that he kept with an Old Spice shaving mug.

My father passed at an early age and I wish we had had more time together as grownups.  Yet every day I start with some wisdom from him because I have a gift he left me… that brush.

Picking up that brush brings back a touch of the wisdom and good feelings he shared with me.

There is nothing spectacular about these ideas he gave but the powerful memory of being loved and remembering his touches of wisdom provide  positive associations that start my day.

One way to being smarter… happier… healthier is to start every day with something that creates a happy association for you.  Warm and fussy is good!  Such associations are comforting and you are more likely to make wise decisions the day through based on what is right for you… instead of fear and dread.  That’s darned important in these times in times of social and economic turmoil and change that creates so many threatening feels.  This is fundamental to well being because these happy associations create positive attitudes and positivity cuts through the multitude of noise that an imbalanced society creates.

Now there is new exciting scientific evidence that the power of ritual can even improve our DNA. 

Dr. John Douillard wrote about this recently at his www.lifespa site.

Here is an excerpt:  In a new study set to be published in the Journal of Psychological Sciences, Harvard Business School researchers set out to measure the effects of ritual.  A ritual could be singing happy birthday, or how you brew your coffee, or saying grace before a meal.

The study demonstrated that when a ritual was performed before eating, the food tasted better and delivered more satisfaction than when there was no pre-eating ritual.

In the study, participants cut a chocolate bar in half.  First, they opened only one half and enjoyed that half.  Then, they were allowed to open the other half and eat it – a very simple ritual.

Another segment of the study created a ritual around eating a carrot.  Participants were asked to hit the table 5 times and close their eyes for 5 seconds before eating the carrot.

In both groups, the carrot and chocolate were enjoyed more as compared to control groups who did not take part in a ritual.  Additionally, participants in the ritual groups took more time to eat and were actually willing to pay more for the carrot and chocolate after the experience of the ritual. 

The latest research in the field of epigenetics has shown that behaviors and belief systems can actually change our DNA.

You can read the entire article at the link below.

This is one way to easily and gently create improvements in your life.  No matter what your background… your genetic makeup… your circumstances… your good fortune or bad,  you can make circumstances better by creating positive routines.

The study Dr. Douilard mentioned did have a caveat: the rituals have to be repeated steps, not random gestures, and you cannot watch someone else say grace or open a bottle of wine and expect to enjoy the meal or wine better. You have to do it yourself.

You can make your life better… no matter what circumstances exist.   Just create simple, positive rituals that you use at the beginning of and throughout every day.


Create the ritual of meeting with Merri and me all year long to share ways to create pinnacle careers.

Read John Douillard’s entire article on the benefits of ritual here.

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