A Better Multi Currency Service for a Better Retirement

This is our 45th year of recommending multi currency portfolios for a better retirement. During these four and a half decades we have always  recommended “do not trust any one currency or banking system”.

Now it is easier to protect your retirement savings and make them grow. There is a new way to have a protected retirement through the bank safety of Canada and Denmark.

So many countries are plagued with excess and hidden debt that no one currency can be trusted.  The continued loss of the US dollar’s purchasing power can diminish better retirement opportunities.

Photo from shtfplan.com titled  “What the Romans took nearly three centuries to accomplish, our Federal Reserve has done in less than one hundred years.”

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Since the release of my first book “Passport to International Profit” written in the 1970s, I have preached and practiced being beyond any one currency system by being a One Man Multinational.

The core message in “Passport to International Profit” is to integrate your lifestyle with your investing and business, plus take advantage of what numerous countries have to offer financially.   The first basics steps in this process are:

#1: Live in one country you love.

#2: Bank in a second country that is safe and that you really enjoy.

#3: Invest in more than one strong currency.

Merri and I believe that being global is vital from an investing and business point of view and enlivening for one’s lifestyle.  With modern travel and communications technology, why not?

For the past 25 or so years the core of our multi program has been via an account at Jyske Bank… Denmark’s second largest bank.  Since 2008, our account and those of other Americans using Jyske have been managed by Jyske’s subsidiary Jyske Global Asset Management (JGAM).

Today, in what  I consider a very positive evolution JGAM announced the transfer of that management role to ENR Management in Montreal, Canada as of September 13, 2013.

Here is why I am delighted to see this new service.

First, before I explain why Americans gain seven benefits from this change, let me hasten to say that all managed assets will remain at Jyske Bank in Denmark… as the custodian.

Yet the transfer of the management role to Montreal brings these seven positive benefits.

Benefit #1:  Assets are now managed and regulated not only through the Securities Exchange Commission, but through two of the world’s safest banking communities in the world, Canada and Denmark.

Here are the Top Seven Safest countries to bank in based on the World Economic Forum’s Global ranking index.

World’s Soundest Bank System Rating:

1.    Canada
2.    Sweden
3.    Luxembourg
4.    Australia
5.    Denmark
6.     Netherlands
7.     Belgium

Benefit #2: Advisory clients will be able to have more control and input in their accounts and choose a larger variety of investments.

JGAM as a Danish company had to follow US and Danish securities regulations which inhibited the ability of JGAM to allow clients to select individual shares.  This rule will not inhibit as many investors when assets are managed from Canada.

Benefit #3: Minimum balances will be lower. I understand that the new minimum will be $100,000 compared to the previous minimum of $200,000.

Benefit #4: Fees on smaller accounts will be lower.  JGAM’s fee on smaller accounts was 2%. ENR will charge 1.5%

Benefit #5: The managers will be physically closer.   No matter where one lives in the USA,  Montreal is closer than Copenhagen.  Those of us on the U.S. East coast will get to visit our investment mangers without jet lag.

Benefit #6: Montreal is my favorite North American city. Though Copenhagen is one of my favorite European cities,  Montreal is also great… North American efficiency with European style.

Screen shot 2013-06-06 at 3.55.21 PM

Montreal skyline.

Benefit #7:  Great people to deal with.  Thomas Fischer will join ENR so we get to continue working with him. We get the added benefit of Eric Roseman.  I have known Eric, the head of ENR, even longer than we have worked with Jyske.   Eric is the perfect example of a student who raced ahead of his teacher.   Eric gained some of his first inspirations to be a multi currency investment manager as one of my readers in the 1980s.   He wrote to me: “You are like my Jedi Master and I’m the apprentice. Learned so much about investing from you when I first got started.

His investment management skills as an investment manager have evolved far beyond mine so I will be very pleased to have him help manage my multi currency retirement account with ENR.

Thomas Fischer will be on the ENR investment committee and available to talk with clients.

For more information contact Thomas Fischer at fischer@jgam.com

See ENR Management’s website at www.enrassetmanagement.com

Non US clients will continue dealing direct to Copenhagen with Jyske Bank Private Bank as always. Non US investors contact Henrik Bøllingtoft Henrik.boellingtoft@jbpb.dk

Wherever you live do not trust any one bank, any one country, any one currency.  A financially sound retirement depends on banking in safe countries and holding strong currencies.



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