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Here is a free book that is an example of how to have a better retirement with writing success.

The key to success in writing to sell or any micro business that uses the internet is to create a list of like minded souls.  One way to create this is by offering books free, for a limited time, at   Our message Recipes for Health and Wealth shared how our friend and Writer’s Camp delegate, Nicolette Goff, used this approach to get 10,000 readers in three days.

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Get Nickolette Goff’s new book free June 14-15-16, 2013.

I think Nicolette is having a better retirement because she has another new book.  She recently sent this note:

Hi, Gary and Merri.

I’m having a lot of fun with Kindle book writing – have 5 published now, and set the goal to publish 10 books by the end of 2013.

My latest book, “Growing Culinary Herbs,” just went live on last week.

I’ve got it registered for a free spot June 14 through 16th.

It’s great to read about the successes others are experiencing with this after taking your course – I hope they’re having as much fun with it as I am.

Growing Culinary Herbs will fascinate and inspire you to grow your own herbs. Discover how easy it is to start growing an herb garden according to your local conditions and climate, how to design your space to the best advantage, and which herbs to include. You will find useful tips and advice throughout.

A plant by plant guide to the 21 most common culinary herbs reveals the best possible selection of herbs for your home herb garden. Photos and descriptions of each herb, detailed growing conditions, and suggested uses round out the guide.

Not sure how to use those herbs you grow? In the section “Herbs in the Kitchen” you will discover recipes and directions for creating your own herbal butters, sauces, pestos, and vinegars. A short recipe section is included, giving you even more ideas on how to include these tasty, aromatic plants and lift your cooking to taste-bud exciting levels.

Just some of the topics included:

– A Short Herbal History

– How to Plan Your Herb Garden

– Specific ‘How To’ Growing Tips

– Get to Know the 21 Most Common Culinary Herbs

– How to Include Herbs in Your Cooking

Best wishes to you both

Nicki Goff

I hope you enjoy Nicki’s book and learn how to have a better retirement from her success.  I hope to share with you how to to build lists for a prosperous retirement with our online course “Self Fulfilled –  How to Write and Self Publish” or at a Writer’s Camp.

Join us and learn how to make retirement more prosperous and fun!


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