Micro Business Opportunity in Ecological Products

Here are micro business opportunity with ecological products from Ted Tidwell who manufactures Purely Green and Bio Wash.


Purely Green for fishing?

Ted writes: Gary Reid, Naples, Florida, discovered a new benefit from Purely Green… soaring fish yields!

He plans to market it with his private label.

The youtube video is of his second successful fishing trip.

Enjoy. They are certainly having a good time.

Gary we would appreciate other fishermen/ladies testing and sending back reports about using Purely Green as a Fishing Lure Enhancer.

Comment:  The idea of fish being attracted to PurelyGreen sounds incredible.

However, so many other unexpected benefits have appeared, we are beginning to think anything is possible.


Cristian Delano observed that crabs seemed to be attracted by Purely Green. It may offer enhanced yields for crab and lobster fishermen.

This is the solution that not only produced a bumper oat harvest in one of the worst droughts in Texas history, the oats tested at double the normal protein content!

It is also the solution that leaves no visible trace of oil. (Others which “disperse” leave oil residues.)

Preliminary tests indicate that Purely Green Oil Clean breaks up PCBs, which is one of the most challenging environmental contaminants.

I am amazed and humbled to be involved in formulating such a gift.


We have created a program with Ted Tidwell so those who are interested can become distributors of Biowash and Purely Green. 

To start either order one of the three online programs.

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See more about the use of Biowash and Purely Green here.

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