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International Micro Business – Invent Your Future II

Here is an international micro business idea that can help you invent and invest in your future. Lowe’s Food Store’s Natural and Organic Full Circle Brand logo. Has a mindset change created a business or investing idea that can help you invent your future… come Full Circle? Yesterday’s message looked at these facts:  Jobs, careers, […] [Read International Micro Business – Invent Your Future II]

International Micro Business – Invent a Future

Your international micro business can come about by inventing a future. JGAM Event in Copenhagen. Gary and Merri hard at work…or not?  See below the importance of perception. There is a huge global economic mess or opportunity in the making. There is absolutely only one difference between the two… the mess or the opportunity… it’s how you choose […] [Read International Micro Business – Invent a Future]

Multi Currency Volatility Survival Tactic

Here is a multi currency volatility survival tactic. Do what you love… have fun.  The money will come. Viewing summer from the front porch of our original North Carolina farm houses kind of exemplifies the importance of adaptation and evolution in investing. Dr. Glenn Stirling and I lunch at Merrily Farms… Little Horse Creek. While […] [Read Multi Currency Volatility Survival Tactic]

Beach View Houses – Puerto Lopez Ecuador

Here are beach view houses for sale in Puerto Lopez Ecuador. Puerto Lopez Before we look at Puerto Lopez and the housing project advertisement now… let’s learn a lesson about global investing… business and life from the past. A reader sent this note recently:  Gary, Where do you live? In Ecuador or North Carolina? You […] [Read Beach View Houses – Puerto Lopez Ecuador]

Multi Currency Contrarian Value

Here is a thought on multi currency contrarian value. Last week’s message saw that Keppler Asset management’s top value markets are Austria, France, Germany, Italy, Japan, United Kingdom. A reader sent the following note about that message:  Italy, Japan, UK as a buy.  You must be kidding. Keppler does not joke in the least. He […] [Read Multi Currency Contrarian Value]

Grounded Multi Currency Opportunity Flies

Multi currency opportunity flies high while the markets decide what to do… moving one day up and one day down. This chart of the one week movement of the Morgan Stanley Capital Index of global stock markets shows that investors are not sure what to do. That’s a good sign as it suggests that […] [Read Grounded Multi Currency Opportunity Flies]

Three Multi Currency Investing Lessons

Three multi currency lessons on global investing can help us thrive during this current economic shift. Our decades long research in 30 year market trends predicted some time ago that the worst emotional time for stock market investors in the past 15 years years would be about now. This is the darkest hour… just before the […] [Read Three Multi Currency Investing Lessons]

Multi Currency Investing – Outside the Box

Times are changing so quickly that we need to keep our multi currency investing outside the box. Our son, Jake, outside our former Gloucestershire house near Minchinhampton…. such a quiet peaceful place. Isn’t it? Stock markets crashed again yesterday… one further sign that we can expect turmoil ahead. The global economic upset means we need […] [Read Multi Currency Investing – Outside the Box]

Multi Currency Investment Bargains

The current market turmoil is creating some incredible multi currency investment bargains. These charts from 4pm yesterday show why… the five year US dollar Swiss franc chart from illustrates why the Swiss franc is not a bargain to buy now. 5 day chart of Dow Jones industrial average.   Here is the […] [Read Multi Currency Investment Bargains]

Opportunity in the Měi guó Mèng

Měi guó Mèng is a translation of “The American Dream” in Mandarin . Here is an example of how this can create opportunity. Opportunity in the Chinese RV? The global economic pivot has accelerated due to the S&P’s downgrading of Americas debt. The USA is not in this pickle alone. The US debt problem is […] [Read Opportunity in the Měi guó Mèng]