Ecuador Rose Comparison

There are two days left to order fresh Fedex delivered Ecuador Christmas roses.


Here are photos from our home of  different Ecuador roses that give a comparison of the colors you can receive.

Pinks like these often come in the farm choice roses.


Keep in mind all these photos are of 12 to 18 rose bouquets. You receive an abundant 50 fresh Ecuador roses in your minimum order.

Other roses in farm choice include these wonderful…


bicolors in red tint and…


orange.  They are spectacular. Here is…


a dozen of the orange and…



There are also often orange roses in the farm choice. Like…


these. Here is a…


dozen orange roses.

For a $10 surcharge you can specify just red and


white roses.


Red roses.


White roses.

Or you can order 100 roses and save since Fedex charges the same to deliver 100 Ecuador roses to your doorstep as 50 roses.

Whichever you choose, we hope that the beauty of…


these will add joy to your holiday.



You can place your Christmas rose order now.

christmas roses

Red roses at our house.

Subscribe to two years of Ecuador Living.  Save $79 plus receive 50 roses free.

You can order the 50 fresh cut roses for $79 here.

You can order 50 red and white fresh cut roses for $89 here.

You can order 100 fresh cut roses for $119 here.

You can order 100 red & white fresh cut roses for $139 here.

christmas roses

White roses at our house.

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