Accidental Translator in Spanish

Imagine in just three days… becoming an accidental translator in Spanish.

Learn how to speak Spanish in just three days. Learn Super Thinking + Spanish in the Blue Ridge.

August 4, 5, 6, 2017

Here is a photo taken by a delegate at our latest Super Thinking + Spanish course in Mt. Dora, Florida.


Mt. Dora is in Lake County which has  more than 1,000 lakes and rivers and great scenic beauty.  Plus it has sunshine!  The days during the seminar were perfect.

Yet it was the results in learning Spanish that everyone really enjoyed.

We even created the Accidental Translator.

This course was what I call a quantum shift seminar… one that points Merri and me in a more focused direction…. maybe many of the delegates as well.

Our promise is that attendees will be able to communicate in Spanish in just four days.

That is a pretty bold promise and many doubt that this is possible.

Even our good friend Ted Tidwell (who makes Bio Wash) who has known us for over 15 years questioned that this could be true.

Ted is a a highly successful, hard nosed businessman. He had a big meeting in Mexico coming up and needed Spanish.

Before the course, he wrote:  Hi Gary  and Merri-  I am interested in attending the upcoming Spanish class but my time is so limited that I must use it wisely.

Obviously no one is going to learn a language in four days.

I wonder if the technique is truly helpful.  Do you have positive feedback from previous attendees? Ted

I told Ted in no uncertain terms… “Get yourself to this course!”

Here is what he wrote, after the courseHi Gary & Merri –  First, Merri, thanks for the great home made chili dinner. It was some of the best I have ever tasted.

Also, thanks for the Spanish course. Merri’s technique is truly a breakthrough in learning.

I believe I learned more Spanish in four days than I learned in four weeks in a previously attended Costa Rica language school.

The Costa Rica school taught a very limited number of memorized words and phrases. Ted.

Here are what other delegates wrote about the November 2010 Super Thinking + Spanish seminar.

Merri’s approach exposed us to a broad variety of works and the technique needed to expand the language.  Again, Thanks for the experience.

One attendee wrote: Thank you very much Gary! And I just wanted to say thank you and Merri so much for everything during the seminar. You guys are indeed a shining example of having a business that truly serves others. And thanks for the extra time spent and good things taught to me personally. I have begun to implement them already and will continue to apply them. And you might be interested that waiting for my flight home I ended up sitting next to a woman from Quito and could understand some of what she said in a cell phone conversation. We talked a little and she said that I should visit Ecuador!

Thank you again for your real graciousness and acceptance! I will also write to Merri and thank her as well. And I wish that I could do something for you two!

Another wrote: Thank you!  We  always look forward to spending time and learning about so many fascinating things. Like Minded people and Vivaldi! What could be better?  You and Merri are very special to us!

Another sent this note: Hello Merri,  Thank you for the wonderful workshop on Super Learning + Spanish!  I really enjoyed the workshop and getting to know you and Gary.  I am definitely going to take more of the courses that you and Gary are teaching.  I can see several ways to apply what I learned in the classes I teach.

Since I returned home, I have purchased some of the CDs of Baroque music and thought about which specific pieces will work best in different parts of my classes.  I am also reading Perfect Health by Deepak Chopra.  I found your discussion of this book to be very helpful in showing how to balance one’s life.  I have adjusted my daily schedule, and I can already notice a difference in my productivity.

Thank you for sending the file of the 4005 Spanish words.  This will be very helpful in my daily review of Spanish.

Another emailed this: Every day I’m becoming more proficient in Spanish.  As I get ready to do something, I think about how I would say it in Spanish.  Thank you again for a Super Workshop!  With love and blessings,

Another: Gary and Merri,  It certainly was an interesting and intriguing four days for me.  I enjoyed the Spanish but even more so, all the tentacles that extended during those four days that went into so many different directions.

I grew up in a very SQUARE box with loving  and intelligent parents but my world remained within this box, unable to see beyond those walls, as I was never encouraged to “think outside the box”..  Mike has been opening doors and leading me outside this box but because of my upbringing I have not completely embraced or understood what was beyond those doors he opened for me.  As I have gotten older I have become more open to the world outside those doors yet those old tapes continue to play and I have not been able to completely release myself and experience all that can be.

Listening to the two of you during our time together has suddenly got me to thinking, and although some of the ideas still seem foreign to me,  I am at a point in my life now where I can say, “anything is possible” and I am now willing to embrace and allow myself to experience the world of possibility and let it take me in directions I may have in the past resisted.  I really don’t know where all this is going to lead me but I am now willing to explore, develop and grow.

I found all the information you offered on healing, realigning the body, nutrition, etc. so fascinating, have you ever thought about doing a course on just that?  With the aging population and the health care issues I think it would be not only an interesting course but one that would be very beneficial to so many.  I, personally, would love to learn more about what you talked about and plan on purchasing the book, “Body Renewal, the Lost Art of Self Healing” for my Kindle.

Thank you again for a wonderful four days!!

AnotherHola Merri Y Gary, I was thinking about you this Remembrance Day, and I went to check emails and there you are!  We had fun at Disney World on Monday and sat beside several Personnes Espaniol.  We could understand them however I couldn’t make sentences quickly, but could say one or two word phrases that were understood.  We arrived home at 3am yesterday – the airlines were very late in Denver due to a crew incident.

I found myself making up sentences all day yesterday as I was running errands.  John knows more vocabulary than I at this point as he has studied Spanish previously.  Today I will begin to review the lessons and construct sentences to send to you and the group – as you suggested below.  Es en BUENO sugestion!!!  I also received the email Merri sent with the 4005 words and started to scroll through those yesterday.

Another:  Thank YOU Merri, Gary, Don and Richard for everything you have done to create and bring this wonderful experience to all of us.  It takes a well sychronized team of people to put on an effective, change producing seminar!  I have given many seminars and enjoyed the experience immensely.  The outcome is even better!  Estoy une infantil de Super Thinking and Spanish, y es possible aprender en tiempo.

John and I both thank all of you for the wonderful experience – we are working now to clear up things so we can leave for the Galapagos and Ecuador November 25th – December 20th.  Nosotros tiene muchos appreciacion!  Gracias y Abrazos,

Another: Hello Gary,  Muchas gracias para la informacion!

I had a wonderful time at the Super Learning + Spanish weekend!… excelente!

I was impressed with your depth of knowledge on numerous subjects and your ability to speak about them with exceptional recall.  Con mucho apriciar,  P.S. Yo estoy enteresado en Espanol #2.

One even explained how after our four day course they ended up as the accidental translator. Gary,  I have sent Merri a couple of messages, and  a story of Mike being able to translate yesterday for a Spanish person  who couldn’t understand what a man was trying to tell him!

We loved the seminar, and are excited to put the super learning to practice, and especially the great company of like-minded people (especially G & M!)  Muchas Gracias!  Tiene an excellante dias.

Another was able to write part of his thanks in Spanish. Gary

Thanks so much for sending the course and the extra one ( that was an unexpected and delightful surprise!)

It was great seeing you and Merri again and we are looking forward to returning to Mt. Dora next year.

I would greatly appreciate your continuing to seek the info for the visio-therapy doctor in Knoxville if you have the time.

Thanks also for the contact info for Susan Rotman.

usted y Meri tengo un fantastico celabracion de la dar gracia y navidad

I replied:

Es con mucho gusto.

Merri telefono en amiga con numero de doctor de Knoxville.

Su construcion de palabras de Espanol es excelente.

Hasta pronto.

Su Amigo


I’ll bet you can read every bit of that.

He wrote back:

look forward to the number
and yes I could read it  :)

Su Amigo

Finally another…. communicated entirely in Spanish…. after just our four day Super Thinking + Spanish seminar.

Buenas dias nuestra maestra perfectamente, Merri!

Muchas gracias por la lista espanol.

Claro, David y yo aprendemous mucho espanol el fine de semana pasada. Gary y usted nos hacen espanol muy facil aprender. Es importante continuar a practicar espanol cada dia. Gracias tambien!

Buenas suerte…hasta la vista!

Con mucho amor,

Relativity, Music and Intelligence

The results above are not surprising because the techniques used in our Super Thinking + Spanish course tap into the realms of quantum physics and new discoveries about how to absorb, retain, recall and transport information are being made in this field every day.

For example an article at shows how scientists have now learned how to teleport information.

The article says:  Scientists in China have succeeded in teleporting information between photons further than ever before. They transported quantum information over a free space distance of 16 km (10 miles), much further than the few hundred meters previously achieved, which brings us closer to transmitting information over long distances without the need for a traditional signal.Read the entire article teleportation article below).

Quantum teleportation is not the same as the teleportation most of us know from science fiction, where an object (or person) in one place is “beamed up” to another place where a perfect copy is replicated. In quantum teleportation two photons or ions (for example) are entangled in such a way that when the quantum state of one is changed the state of the other also changes, as if the two were still connected. This enables quantum information to be teleported if one of the photons/ions is sent some distance away. (

We are incorporating these scientific approaches to learning in each of our 2011 seminar courses.



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