Micro Business Beat Inflation V

Business always beats inflation…by adjusting prices up.

This is why we are providing a FREE course on how to develop your own International internet business written by Michelle Toole. Here is Michelle’s 24th article.

The Power of a Good Press Release:

A press release…?

You are probably wondering if this is something you should consider. The answer is a resounding yes.
A “press release” announces a newsworthy piece of information. Distribution can be either through offline or online media outlets. It is an additional way to gain free publicity or “buzz” about your business, drive traffic, and potentially generate inbound links to your site. Simply put it means you can reach thousands of potential new readers, overnight…..not bad for a simple press release.

A press release is “A public relations announcement issued to the news media and other targeted publications for the purpose of letting the public know of company developments.”

Why Use a Press Release?

A press release is one of several ways to build word-of-mouth traffic to your site Keep in mind, though, that press releases tend to give short pulses of traffic. Of course don’t discount your press release’s traffic potential. If readers of your release go to your site, like what they see, and subscribe to your e-zine or your RSS feed, their repeat visits are bound to increase. Your site is now on their radar screens. Your press release did its job!

Who Can Use Press Releases?

As a Web site owner, you are a self-publisher of information about your specific field or niche. So when you have a valuable piece of information or new developments to share, it will be advantageous to create a short press release to spread the word. (“How-to” info is presented later on.)

Nothing to announce?

Here are some ideas:

Sometimes, it’s simply a matter of doing some extra research to find a possible news item that you can use to your advantage. Subscribe to relevant RSS news feeds or e-zines to keep up-to-date with topics related to your site’s theme. All you need is something to spark an idea.

For example, you could write a press release about a new product in the marketplace, or a new law, or recent study results, etc. Use your “expertise” status in that niche to offer the details in your own words.
How Do You Write a Press Release?

First, go to “PR Web”… http://www.prweb.com … and then sign up for a free account.
PR Web provides excellent advice on writing press releases in their Press Release Tips and Guidelines. You can find this guidance here… http://www.prwebdirect.com/pressreleasetips.php

In no time, you’ve got yourself a newsworthy story!


If you’re not using press releases, you’re missing an opportunity to drive “short-burst” traffic and to potentially increase the number of incoming links to your site. So…
Whenever you have something relevant and newsworthy to say, do so! Press releases are a smart addition to your site marketing repertoire.

Look for my future articles where we discuss additional monetization options, search engine optimization, incoming links, additional e-zine techniques, link exchange programs and much more…..

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