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The best way to beat inflation is to always be able to serve through business.

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Here is Michelle’s 22nd lesson.

AdSense, what is it and is it a good fit for your web site?

What is Google’s AdSense? Good Question……Google’s AdSense is a contextually based ad system.

What does this mean?

It means that Google quickly reads the content of any page that contains its AdSense code, every time someone views that page. Based on that content, Google then supplies ads that are relevant — in context — to the page information.

A page about dog grooming will show ads about dog grooming, or pet grooming, or perhaps about pets. It won’t show ads about iPods or travel to Thailand.

So, to put it simply, Google places content relevant ads on your web site and every time someone clicks on a Google Ad you earn money!  How much? Well that depends on your site niche and competition, some sites only make .02 cents per click others make $15.00 per click!

The AdSense system is very easy to use and a simple way to add another income stream to your business’s bottom line. And it can turn out to be a river of income if you do it right!  But you definitely have to determine whether AdSense is right for you, and, if it is, know what you need to do to turn it into a consistent money-maker for your site.

Should You Participate?

Participating in Google’s AdSense program requires no long-term contract. Want to stop participating? Simply remove the code from your site and send Google a brief note. There’s absolutely no risk in experimenting.  There are very few reasons why one would not want to participate in the AdSense program. In most cases, it’s a true WIN-WIN-WIN situation.

Even if you aren’t entirely sure the AdSense program is right for your business, Google has made it easy to test.

However, keep in mind that the money you earn depends on the competitiveness of your industry, the number of visitors to your site, the number of impressions, Click-Through Rates and the dollar value of your keywords.

If you are interested in using AdSense on your site, make sure you are very clear about Google’s program and policies: https://www.google.com/adsense/policies

There are occasions when AdSense may NOT make sense for your business…

•    Do you target a sensitive audience? Are you concerned about the sort of image your business will portray by running ads? If so, test very carefully.

•    Is your absolute #1 priority getting your message to your visitors to PREsell high-value returns? For example, are you selling your services to secure tens of thousands of dollars in new client business? Give AdSense a pass, or test very carefully.

•    Are the relevant keywords for your site of low value? Are Click-Through Rates low?

Depending on the purpose of your site, AdSense may not be worthwhile.

The bottom line

Google AdSense can be a great part of your web site monetization plan but make sure that it is right for your site and for your business goals!

Look for my future articles where we discuss additional monetization options, search engine optimization, incoming links, additional e-zine techniques, link exchange programs and much more…..

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