Global Lifestyles

Global lifestyles are wonderful. But they can can be hard on the family….so it seems.

Yesterday’s message looked at numerous family pressures that come even without global lifestyles.

There is never ending increasing stress on mom and dad. Big businesses see kids as markets best exploited without the interference of parents. Media create a relentless, expert and insidious bombardment of sights, sounds and temptations that lure children into bad habits for the good of business…short term at least.

A global lifestyle seemingly adds one more stress.

One of the most common concerns I hear from readers who are thinking of starting a global lifestyle is the problem of being away from the family.

I know the problem, having left home 40 years ago (this May) and being a compulsive traveller who has enjoyed a global lifestyle living in Hong Kong, England, Europe and Ecuador.

Yet this global life has worked out pretty well so far. We managed to drag the kids to some pretty wild and weird places. We focused on the time we had together rather than apart and looked for the benefits of our nomadic life rather than worried about the obstacles.

We did so many crazy things we named ourselves the “Intrepid Explorers Club”.

We chose to make any time together, each trip a special holiday to celebrate the family spirit.

Though we are now flung around the world…the kids and grandkids are in Oregon, Florida, Leeds, London and Mbabane (Swaziland’s capital city) we stay in touch and continually plan our next adventure together.

The travel and adventure seems to have broadened the children’s horizons so they were not so absorbed by the Western corporate junk. This has made them independent, clearer thinking and I believe, stronger.

Other readers seem to be thinking this way as well.

A delegate from our January self publishing course came shortly after to Ecuador and recently wrote to me about his global lifestyle.

He has decided to be a portable parent and bring his entire family to live in Ecuador. See how at Portable Parent.

Our middle daughter has perhaps been most bitten by the travel bug. She as lived and worked in England, Costa Rica, Spain, Switzerland, the US and now resides in Mbabane, Swaziland and has worked in many other parts of the world.

She just wrote:

“Dad and Merri, I feel so proud reading all these beautiful descriptions of what my family has been doing across the globe….what an eloquent and adventurous clan I have the luck to come from!

“Our holidays here were very quiet as we’ve had visitors recently, so we decided to indulge in a reclusive weekend to ourselves. We had been planning to take a few long hikes but some spectacular storms kept us curled up inside with books and dvds. Jake’s e-mail however, reminded me of just how much I love the outdoors, and how, in another life, I think I could have lived off roasted squirrels out in the sticks – although I would have possibly chosen a more elegant hideaway than an abandoned bus! In fact, I’ve always dreamed of becoming a goat herder in the Swiss Alps. Maybe I will realize that ambition one day.

“Before the big rains came, we did manage to make it to a cozy hut built into the mountains in one of the big nature reserves. We slept in the open air, looking across a magnificent, wild valley.

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Perhaps the most scenic part of all was the view from the hut. I think Lord Byron would have really enjoyed it!

Global Lifestyle
Sending you all very big hugs from this part of the globe. Franny”

We send you a peaceful Sunday and welcome you to join us in our global lifestyle.

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Several delegates after a recent tour headed to the Amazon.

global lifestyle

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My brother-in-law Patrick enjoying the coast!
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