Adventure Lifestyles

Adventure lifestyles are sorely missed in the Western world.

Western lifestyles suffer numerous family problems. Stress on mom and dad to work and lack of adventure. Boring stressful, mind numbing routine! Jobs far flung across the nation. We are often forced in work to travel and be away.

Then there are the peer pressures and TV, cinema and song that separate family thinking, lead the youth astray in body, mind and spirit as it also demeans the advice of the elders, mom and dad. No adventure in the lifestyle here either.

Travel for adventure adds one more barrier.

One of the most common concerns I hear from readers who are thinking of moving down here for an adventure lifestyle is the problem of being away from the family.

I know the problem, having left home 40 years ago (this May) and being a compulsive adventurer.

I have managed to drag my kids and Merri to some pretty wild and weird places and was away from them a lot…in fact too much.
Because quality in the family relationship is what counts we focused on the time we had together rather than apart.

We did so many crazy things we named ourselves the “Intrepid Explorers Club”.

We chose to make any time together, a special holiday because we had learned in our travels that many ancient cultures place a great significance on celebration as a way to renew the spirit within. Our time together has always been a celebration to renew our family spirit.

Though we are now flung around the world…the kids and grandkids are in Oregon, Florida, Leeds, London and Mbabane (Swaziland’s capital city) we stay in touch and continually plan our next adventure.

We are plotting with our son, Jake, to take and Alaskan trip so when he sent the note below it seemed like good weekend reading for you.

Here is what Jake shared about adventure.

“Dad and Merri, I watched a great movie this weekend – ‘Into the Wild’. This is a story about a person’s desire to leave the confines of civilisation and journey into wilderness in search of adventure and enough space and solitude to contemplate what it means to be human.

“The movie opens with a quote from Lord Byron:

‘There is a pleasure in the pathless woods,
There is a rapture on the lonely shore,
There is society, where none intrudes,
By the deep Sea, and music in its roar;
I love not Man the less, but Nature more.’

“With these words and some lovely cinematography in mind I went to bed on Saturday night and dreamed of waking up in a new world, fresh and quiet and ripe for adventure. And so it was with real delight that I woke to exactly that.

“We had heavy snow across Yorkshire over night and I was on holiday! So I grabbed some chocolate as emergency survival food and off I went into the Yorkshire Dales, not exactly Wilderness but good enough.

Ecuador adventure

“A few more thoughts on the movie…

“The film is based on the true story of a young American man called Chris McCandless who had dreamed of an ‘Alaskan Odyssey.’ He actually lived about 20 miles down the road from my house in Stone Mountain, Atlanta – graduating from Emory University in Atlanta. He hiked into the wilderness via an old dirt logging road called the Stampede trail. McCandless found an abandoned bus used as a hunting shelter and lived out of it for the summer season before being trapped from leaving by floods and bad weather. He was found by moose hunters that winter – his 60lb body decomposing in his sleeping bag inside the bus. He had starved to death.

“A lot of debate surrounds the story. Why would a well educated person, from a well to do family and a bright future, want to live off boiled rice, roast squirrels and sleep in a cold rusting bus far from anyone else? But the interesting theme running through the debate became not so much ‘why would anyone want to do this?’ but ‘why were so many people expressing that they understood this urge and could relate?’- ordinary people, living seemingly comfortable, sane and sensible lives.

“It seemed the middle-class masses were starting to question whether their success, indeed life, as defined in terms of material excess was leaving us empty and turning our communities into corporate wastelands. I certainly understood the urge, even as a teenager.

“And so with this wisdom pulsating through the frontal lobes of my consciousness I wandered the Dales, taking whimsical pictures of snow whipped off stone walls, lone trees and black lambs, the grand sweeping vistas around Malham Cove, only revisiting civilization periodically to ask a tourist to snap a picture of me in my grinning rapturous state or when walking back to buy a 99 Flake from the 4×4 Ice-cream van that was parked at the National Park parking lot (only in England).

Ecuador Adventure

“To cut this long story short – this was a perfect day, filled with a sense of adventure and rich with the finest simple pleasures.

“I hope to share a few of these moments with you here in the pictures attached.

Love Jake”

Merri and I enjoyed this thought and hope it helped add some adventure to your weekend.

Tomorrow’s (Sunday) message takes us on an African adventure.

Until then, good adventures to you.


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