Fight Inflation with Global Medical Help

Fight inflation every day. Friday the 13th has a bad name for travel. The superstition came because this is the day that the King of France grabbed all the leaders of the Knights Templar and after much time and torture had them put to death.

However on this day we worry perhaps about travel…and accidents today are expensive!

These messages have been looking at inflation. Yesterday we saw that someone was willing to spend $200,000 on a home in England carved from a cave!

That’s inflation. So too are current medical costs. It’s all too easy to spend $200,000 on an operation if you have an accident!

We need all the help we can get and being global is one way to reduce medical costs.

This is what a reader was thinking when he wrote:

“I keep forgetting to ask you so I am emailing you before I forget again….Do you know of an Orthopedic Surgeon, outside of the U.S., that would be willing to take CASH for a hand surgery?? Mike, a guy that works here, asked me….he has a friend that does not have medical insurance and broke his hand/wrist had surgery on it (when he had insurance), but it now needs to be redone. He only has 50% use of this hand?? Surgeons here are asking a mere $35,000 for the procedure. Maybe you would know of someone in Ecuador?? I just thought I would ask!! Let me know. Thanks”

I referred the reader to Steve, our man in Ecuador, who replied:

“A delegate here recently had surgery done to remove an unsightly swollen vein that ran the length of his leg. He was impressed with all – you can read his story at and click on Surgery in Ecuador – No Fear.”

You can see there too how this delegate saved over $2,000 on a simple procedure.

Until next message, may all you Friday’s 13ths be lucky!


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