International Business Evolutionary Cycle

International business has really paid off. Years ago when Merri and I lived in Naples we ran a substantial global mail order business. Then when the children all finished their higher education, we sold most of the international business, moved here to the Blue Ridge and Ecuador, shifted to an internet only business and were intent on smelling the roses a bit more.

This has not happened! Our small overseas business has just continued to grow. Our recent International Business Made EZ course was one of the largest we have had in some time.

This year we’ll have participated in or sponsored nearly 20 courses. We used to do eight.

Why is this?

There are two main reasons I would like to share.

The first came as an answer to a note recently sent by a reader. He had written comparing my advice to that of Warren Buffet. I replied that this was pretty heady for me, and I would do my best not to take the comment seriously. He then wrote again.

“Hi Gary. My comments were really not too ‘heady’, Buffet took a long time to finally explore and realize Asian investments like PetroChina PTR… or more recently POSCO PKX. You were ahead of him on that front, and many others, due to your long time immersion in international cycles and trends.

Thanks to your influence, along with Mobius, Templeton… I broadened my horizons a decade ago.

“Employing many of Buffet’s superior investment techniques, taking a hold of Roger’s early grasp of the commodity mega-cycle, and reading weekly your continuously intriguing & informative trend watching, country market valuation (watching), your supreme grasp of international currencies (way beyond me), your life enhancing insights to health, mind, body, soul and finance, etc… and importantly your role model status for ordinary folks like me who wish to progress overseas, I am very pleased to be included in your fold.

“Gary, I keep asking myself, how do Gary/ Merri Scott continuously continue to produce uniquely insightful information for readers? How could I model just a small slice of Gary ‘s success online? I truly do not understand how you have been able to continuously grow for decades while evolving from print to internet/online, covering totally new locations, new businesses and completely new subject matter (not only investing, but health, language, Real Estate Retreats, Import/Export, Publishing, Country- UK, US, Ecuador, etc).

“Other than sheer determination and follow-through, which are obvious requirements, what is your long standing secret to success in ‘lifestyle marketing’?

“What would you say to someone like me just starting online and hoping to succeed to even just a small degree of your success over the internet? Of course, truly unique content and building a growing list of readers is key, but how do you manage the load (so many subject matters – keeps me in awe) and yet you always deliver relevance and uniqueness?

“What angle on marketing (small secrets) has allowed you to continuously succeed? I realize there are no miracles other than hard work, but any pointers to leverage? Gary, you truly are in the genius category and I am a true admirer.”

I hope this reader did not feel my reply too short. His request arrived just as I was preparing for our most recent course but I wanted to give him something quickly, intending to say more later (as I am doing now).

Here is what I wrote:

“Do what you love and have a great day. Gary”

This may seem too simple. Yet this truly is why our business has evolved and why our business grows even though we had intended for it to slow down.

We really do what we love.

At this recent International Investing and Business Made EZ course we covered the importance of turning your passion into profit and doing business and investing in what you know.

Passionate beginnings allow the business evolutionary cycle to begin. An idea, dream or passion creates enthusiasm. Enthusiasm leads to education.

Education leads to action. Action leads to profit or loss and experience.

Experience leads to new ideas.

The process starts again, but in a larger way and again and again.

This is the start. Figure out what you are really interested in and become enthused about finding some small way to make money from being involved.

Tomorrow’s message looks at Step #2.

Until then, good international business and investing.


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