Ecuador Real Estate & Music

Ecuador real estate & music go hand in hand, especially in Cotacachi. Cotacachi Ecuador is the most extensive canton in Imbabura province. Cotacachi was established as early as 800 AC as the rich earth in this area led to agriculture in cotton, pepper, corn and salt. The colonial Spanish named this part of Ecuador Santa Ana de Cotacachi. Since then the area has become seen a growth in diversity and easy coexistence of four main ethnic groups, quichua, mestizo, afro-ecuadorian and European. This has brought a rich history and cultural identity to Cotacachi that are reflected in the Museum that sits next to our hotel El meson de las Flores. There are exhibits of ethnography, archeology, artisan handicrafts and a lot about the music.

Recently our Land of the Sun foundation joined with Jyske Bank and the Raices Foundation to raise funds for the operation of the museum.

We sponsored a musical night in the grand salon of the Museum ands were able to raise over $2,000 plus donate a computer.

Ecuador Real Estate & Music # 1


This Cultural Museum illustrates the rich history, culture and evolution of the multi ethnic population.

The focus was on music because Cotacachi has the Superior Institute of Música “Luis Ulpiano de la Torre”, the only post-high school musical school in the country.

Until next message may your life be filled with happy music!


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