Coffee chocolate and cola have caffeine.

A reader just wrote and ask, "Gary have you become addicted to chocolate spas yet? Charles"

Here was my reply.

"Charles, I have written about Chocolate spas at La Mirage.

"Chocolate meringue pie at Shanandoah Pie Shop in Otavalo. See

"Chocolate Ice Cream at Mama Rosalias in Ibarra.


I know all the best haunts and there seems to be a repetitive theme… Chocolate!

I wrote about this and often joke a lot about drinking coffee and eating chocolate. They are both anti oxidants and have some good qualities. In reality, I use both in moderation!

I also believe that anyone who has invested in Coca Cola, Starbucks and Hershey's for the long term in the last decade has done well. It's little wonder each relies on several of three major Western food groups, fat, sugar and caffeine! These addictives may be good for the pocketbook perhaps. Each also has a place in a healthy routine. But wow that stuff can be hard on the body if over consumed.

A reader just sent me this note I thought worth a share.

"While reading the book GOOD NIGHT by Michael Breus, Ph.D. I found this information.


Product Serving Size Caffeine Content (mg)




8 oz. 110

Starbucks coffee

16 oz. (grande) 550


1 oz. 90
instant coffee 8 oz. 75
caffe latte 8 oz. 90
Arizona Iced Coffees 8 oz. 50
coffee ice cream 8 oz. 58
decaf coffee 8 oz. 5
Arizona Iced Tea, black tea 8 oz. 16
Arizona Iced Tea, green tea 8 oz. 7.5
brewed, imported brands 8 oz. 60
brewed, major U.S. brands 8 oz. 40
Lipton Brisk Iced Tea 8 oz. 6
herbal tea 8 oz. 0
Soft Drinks    
Mountain Dew 12 oz. 55.5
Diet Coke 12 oz. 46.5
Coca-Cola 12 oz. 34.5
Dr. Pepper, reg or diet 12 oz. 42
Pepsi 12 oz. 37.5
Diet Pepsi 12 oz. 36
7 UP or Diet 7 UP 12 oz. 0

Chocolate Baker's chocolate

1 oz.


chocolate milk 8 oz. 5
chocolate-flavored syrup 1 oz. 4
dark chocolate, semisweet 1 oz. 20
milk chocolate 1 oz. 6


weight-loss products 2-3 tablets 80-200
No-Doz, maximum strength 1 tablet 200

There ya have it. Skip the No-Doz and have a Starbuck's grande if you want to stay awake.

Caffeine may have helped some investors get rich. It has also played a role in the evolution of Western society. A national geographic article "Caffeine" says:

"It's hardly a coincidence that coffee and tea caught on in Europe just as the first factories were ushering in the industrial revolution. The widespread use of caffeinated drinks—replacing the ubiquitous beer—facilitated the great transformation of human economic endeavor from the farm to the factory. Boiling water to make coffee or tea helped decrease the incidence of disease among workers in crowded cities. And the caffeine in their systems kept them from falling asleep over the machinery. In a sense, caffeine is the drug that made the modern world possible. And the more modern our world gets, the more we seem to need it. Without that useful jolt of coffee—or Diet Coke or Red Bull—to get us out of bed and back to work, the 24-hour society of the developed world couldn't exist."

However there are negative consequences as well.

Caffeine inhibits absorption of adenosine, a body calmer and accelerates adrenaline, giving you a temporary boost, but leading to fatigue, depression and agitation. Cortisol, a stress hormone is increased and can add to weight gain, moodiness, heart disease and diabetes. Dopamine is also increased and can make you feel low later.

This can reduce major benefits of sleep, increased cravings for fat and carbohydrates, and cause the body to store fat in the abdomen (the riskiest type of fat). Caffeine wind down brings fatigue and moderate depression can set in which makes make physical activity more difficult.

So like all good things. Moderation is a key. With caffeine and sugar let's all be especially careful to lean on the safe side of moderation as extra consumption quickly leads to addiction.

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May all your moderation bring you health wealth and happiness.


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