International Investments Gain through Three Resolutions

International investments are one way to protect your wealth and investments against the loss of purchasing power created by a falling US dollar. Investments in multi currencies provides investment protection and opportunity for increased profit in your investments. International investments make sense because global investing and business are part of a natural economic evolution. International investments have outperformed US investments for years. International investments are best when backed by strong ideas and resolutions.

Here are three New Year resolutions that can enhance international investments, wealth and make your life better. See how below.

Happy New Year.

This message reviews an Ecuadorian New Year’s Pie Resolution, A Health Tip for 2007 and begins with a look at how resolutions can help international investments grow in value.

January 1st is a time for making resolutions. Merri and I just learned three great resolutions from a reader that we want to share here with you!

One of Merri’s and my greatest joys is learning how sharing ideas makes your life better. This is why we were tickled pink when a reader told us one of our newsletters had helped him make a fortune. He invited us to visit. We learned a story that can help us all gain a better life.

The reader had read one of my letters several years ago that suggested land around Lake Placid and in Hardee County, Florida was good value. He investigated, agreed and began buying citrus groves. It seems there had been a bad spell in this industry and all the locals had become discouraged and were convinced that you could no longer make a profit with such groves. Our reader, who had farming experience but was not from this area had a higher horizon. He disagreed with the local view and began buying when citrus sold for 55 cents a pound solid. Today he is getting over $2.50 a pound solid and the fruit sales are paying for his land and improvements (which is increasing dramatically in value) in just three years!

This made Merri and me feel very fulfilled. We flew with him on a helicopter over his vast groves admiring the greenness of his trees. Compared to the other groves his looked rich, deep green and healthy plus we saw many huge trailers loaded with fruit and heading for market.

The lesson this reader shared is one we all know, but it still makes a great resolution always avoid fashion, local gossip. Instead always look for true value! The value was there (and still is) in Hardee County because all the locals were just discouraged by a sustained bad market. This made it a good time for our reader to buy.

The helicopter trip brought us our second resolution. This was offered courtesy of a local bank president who is probably one of the wealthiest men in the county, the head of a billion dollar corporation. Our readers have a huge diversity in wealth. I know some that are billionaires. Others are retired people with $1,000 a month or less income. To us their wealth makes no difference.

As we flew (the banker was his own pilot) we were told the story of how this bank and Central Florida came to be by starting small and believing in an idea. The banker’s father saw an opportunity he believed in and beginning with just $500, borrowed enough to buy this small bank in the 30s when it had $100,000 in assets. The fortune has grown from this small beginning into a billion dollar operation, one step at a time.

This reminded me of resolution #2: Start small and grow in balance with your money, wealth and experience one step at a time. It is the journey not the final destination that counts so enjoy this process and don’t worry too much about how big it becomes.

Another introduction from our reader gave us the final resolution worth sharing here. We met a local farmer there, a really nice guy…a hard working high school graduate who had started small and built a small fortune growing Peace Lillies. This is an area where everything is cattle and citrus but this reader had a passion and ignored what everyone else did. Peace Lillies was his thing and he did extremely well until hurricane Charlie wiped him out lock, stock and barrel. Well maybe he was left with a barrel…but no business.

Yet when we visited him last week, just two years after that storm, he had acres and acres of covered land filled with beautiful Peace Lillies. As we rode round his nursery he shared his formula for success which I am making resolution number three. “ Gary ” he said, “I only do one thing but I do it well”.

There you have it, three good resolutions that can enhance wealth as they make life better.

#1: Always Look for True Value
#2: Start Small and Grow
#3: Do One Thing Well

During the visit I spent a lengthy time outlining the economics for the US dollar in 2007 and believe that these wise investors will be investing more outside the greenback..not a bad resolution either.

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Better Health Resolution

Here is a resolution that can help improve your health. Focus on changing inner values.

Vaidya RK Mishra’s assistant Melina Takvorian (PhD) recently sent an article entitled “This winter, keep warm inside-out” that begins:

Cycles of change. In time, all aspects of life experience change. Some patterns of cyclical change recur, so we have learnt to recognize and name them, such as the seasons. Revisiting us every year, the seasons bring along different climactic qualities that affect the environment, and, in turn, our physiologies. Our moods may even be affected, our attitude towards our everyday chores and responsibilities may alter; we might feel more ready to take on challenges, enlarge our horizons, or grow deeper into our hearts.

Melina’s article then goes on to show that the seasons mean variation of sunlight, the universal source of biological fire. She shows that seasonal change is nature’s way of allowing us to step back, come out of hardened routines, and start afresh, celebrating the bounty of life in new ways.

Winter is a vital time because the cooling helps us slow down and take inward steps. This is the season of nurturing the heart, of growing inward, into our own silence. This is a time for inner growth.

Yet the outer body cannot be ignored. Melina explains: However, transcendent growth needs the support of the physiology, for without the proper care of the body – the seat of the soul – no inner growth can be achieved. There are some very specific physical conditions that arise from cooler temperatures. These are key factors that can either enhance or hinder our overall well-being.

She outlines how the most important physiological aspect to address during the cold is circulation, physical as well as vibrational.

In the winter there is an excess of air and space that dries out the circulatory channels so materials the body needs do not get distributed properly. For example, the distribution and circulation of heat in the body becomes uneven. This is mostly experienced in cold hands and feet during the winter time. Increased air and space plus colder temperatures cause circulation channels to shrink and obstruct distribution of nutrients and disposal of toxic build-up.

To counter balance this effect eat warm, unctuous, freshly prepared meals. Get to bed early and stick to a steady routine. Spice things up as well! Adding more spice to your dishes helps support your metabolism so it can burn toxins faster.

Do this in the New Year and you’ll have a good start to improving your health. These are such simple resolutions but ones that are easy to forget in our head long paced world.

There are many more health tips on how to gain beauty, weight loss and abundant energy from within. We will be sharing them in 2007.

Ecuador Resolution

Ecuador is a healthy place but believe it or not is also dangerous if you like chocolate and pie.

Ecuador is known for having some of the longest living people in the world. Life is easier and so much less expensive as well. In fact a piece of really great pie costs just one dollar.

The day before the New Year we took our guests who had flown in from around the world to Otavalo Market. This is the largest native market in South America but also the home of the Shenandoah Pie Shop. We have read about their special pie before. See

Somehow we all ended up at Shenandoah looking at the wonderful choices….lemon meringue, Naranjilla Meringue, Chocolate Meringue, Apple, Strawberry, Blackberry or Pineapple…with and without ice cream!

Here I am with our man in Ecuador, Steve, checking out the pie.

My Ecuadorian resolution came from a letter a read just sent and my reply.

The reader said:

Hello Gary, I love receiving your post. Your articles have participated in and wetted my appetite for using my mind and gaining insight. Back to chocolate, I love chocolate, fortunately I have come to understand that urge and now love to purge myself of that and other tasty delicacies for years at a time. However I had a small taste at the family Christmas feast and thought about chocolate for a few days with a renewed intensity, vigor and passion that used to live with me daily in my younger years. Imagining a chocolate taste is greater than the actual event. Definitely, must go to South America and roll around in chocolate, there are some things that I have to do and rolling around in huge baths of chocolate is one of them. Not joking, Chocolate is just part of my nature.

My resolution was wrapped in my reply:

A wise shamanic healer once shared with me this powerful thought. “All medicine is dose”. For years I stayed off chocolate and coffee, both delights to me. Yet each has some great healing qualities (as does tobacco and alcohol-though I use these only in ceremonies) when used in the correct dose. Enjoy them but remember another wise Chinese saying. “First the man drinks the wine. Then the wine drinks the wine and then the wine drinks the man”.

I once had a teacher who loved chocolate and she kept a bag of chocolate chips in her freezer. When the cravings came she had just one chip. My resolution is to enjoy 2007 and chocolate in moderation!

Until next message, Merri and I hope that every resolution you make comes true this year!


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