Health Scam

Since we are lured into having many poisons in our house, I have started taking a look at everything. Thus I was suspicious when visiting a friend’s home, and it turns out I should have been. Look at this.

I noticed their hand soap was “Softsoap Antibacterial Soap” a brand of liquid hand soap manufactured by Colgate Palmolive. Check the label of this soap and you will read the words. “Proven to eliminate the dirt and germs your family encounters. Contains light moisturizer to leave your hands feeling soft. GENTLE ENOUGH FOR THE WHOLE FAMILY. As with any soap avoid contact with eyes.”

“Humm”, I wondered what does this mean. How can I find out what this stuff is really like?

There is a way.

Every product shipped has to have a OSHA regulated form called a “Materials Safety Data Sheet”. This form is meant to protect workers shipping and handling products so I looked up the “MSDS” on Softsoap.

Get ready to cringe. The “MSDS” on this chemical based formula that is “gentle enough for the whole family” states under the general controls section “Avoid contact with skin and eyes.” It warns workers to wear rubber gloves while using this and such. How this warning is mysteriously converted into gentleness on the store shelves is beyond me, but you can see the “MSDS” for yourself

Though it is doubtful that Softsoap alone will be really harmful to our health, we must wonder how many other things that are pushed on us as safe and gentle when they really are not. How many of these light toxins does our body have to deal with every day? How many of our allergies, diseases and imbalances are created by this continual bombardment of chemicals that do not kill, but each take their little tolls.

We have all heard of “death by a thousand cuts”. Is our society suffering “sickness by a thousand minimal exposures”?

Merri and I have been away from the farm, its pure spring water and the fresh clean air for nearly three weeks and we feel the difference. We must all be aware of our surroundings and take care. There is a saying that “Man can accomplish the impossible, but cannot overcome the inconvenient”. We have walked the moon and sent humanity’s imprint to Mars and beyond. Yet we cannot overcome the multitude of tiny toxicities that bombard us each and every day. This a true challenge. Everywhere we are, everywhere we go, poisons have been made easy to consume.

This is why I sent the reply below to a reader who recently wrote:

“Gary, organic biodegradable cleaner is nothing new…Watkins has been selling for years. You should be above shilling for these types! Anyone on the Internet can go to Google and debunk the hustlers…”

I agree with this reader that there are many scams in the name of organic, pure, all natural, and such stuff. In fact this why I have been recommending Ted’s stuff and my reply to this reader says it all.

“Ted’s Stuff aka Purely Green is a product I have been using myself for many years and the difference is that it works so well. I feel it an obligation now to let people know about the enormous danger that we all face and how our environment is being damaged. In fact I believe so strongly in this that I am in Florida right now looking at the possibility of actually buying the manufacturing company. One way or the other I will do all I can to help as many people as I can stop polluting their bodies and the environment with the toxic chemicals we normally use. Merri and I both feel that perhaps just to stop pollution at the lowest level may help people gain added years and added vitality to their lives. Gary”

In fairness, I must add that this reader provided several websites where organic cleaners were offered. I am delighted with readers who share how Ted’s Stuff has improved their lives.

I highly suggest before using any that you ask for the “MSDS” of the product. You will see why below!

See the Purely Green MSDS here.


Until next message may your health be really good.


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