A Good View on Easter

BellaVista, the cloud forest preserve two hours from Quito, has incredible panoramas, abounding bird life and gave us an unexpected Easter message. May I wish you a happy Easter and share what we learned at this wonderful eco lodge with you?

Dawn rises orange, glinting over virgin forests and a veil of rolling mists. We are staying in a geodesic dome built on a huge cliff, that sits like a giant tree house in deep jungle woods. Merri and I are here with a group and two shamans we have brought. We stand deep in the jungle watching the morning sunrise, smelling the fresh greenness of the forest and listening to a serenade of thousands of birdsongs.

The shamans Aldemar and his master Don Alfonso have flown from the deep Amazon to be with us. These healers are from the most remote jungles. Not many generations past, their skills could have included head shrinking, but now they are with us to show us the wonder of healing in the plant life here. We walk in the dawn, examining mist covered medicinal plants that help cure ulcers, ringing in the ears, infections, stomach pains, high blood pressure, itching, bronchitis and other diseases. We learn about Dragon's Blood, Una De Gato and dozens of others.

Later, in group and individual ceremonies, they provide energy balancing and tell jungle legends. Some of the results are quite extraordinary. For example my ear was been treated for a sore that would not heal. After two treatments by the shamans the confused western medical doctor told me that treatments he thought I would need could be skipped. (But I never told!)

Yet despite the healing and knowledge that was gained by all, there was an even more important lesson the shamans brought as we worked our way through the deep woods. This lesson came from their sense of play. These shamans have nothing in material terms but as we entered the woods they were gloriously happy just to be alive, amidst nature and with friends. This day was one more adventure for them to be grateful for. Their sweet simplicity and spontaneity kept them alert in the moment, no cares for tomorrow, no regrets of the past. Each moment was their playground. When they saw a vine hanging by a cliff, we stopped and swung, yelling like Tarzan! When the correct tree appeared we quit looking seriously at medicinal plants and learned how to use vines on our feet to shimmy straight to the top. When we reached the waterfalls, we took a dip.

This was their gift and Easter message. Celebrate being born again on Easter. How important to shuck off the things that are killing us and be born again. The shamans showed us we should celebrate Easter, but live its celebration every day.

So here is the message I send from Merri’s and my hearts and from these two precious men. Live for the moment, every minute, every day. Let the rising of each dawn bring you a new birth. Celebrate being born again today, then tomorrow do it again. Then do it every day. There is no past to regret. There is no future over which to worry. There is just today so live, love and enjoy. Easter reminds us of this and I invite you to join me this year in living as if every day is Easter.

Merri and I send our wishes for a wonderful fulfilling day with special meanings that fulfill you the year through.


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