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The Fourth Stock Peak – Dangerous Investing Environment Positive Longevity Family Writing Success You Can Write… Right? Pinnacle Careers – Better Retirement Beyond Encore Careers Multi Currency Miracle – 41% Gain in 6 Months With Yen Longevity Secrets
The Fourth Stock Peak – Dangerous Investing Environment

The Fourth Stock Peak – Dangerous Investing Environment

Is the Dow too high?

Positive Longevity

Positive Longevity

Positivity helps good health.

Family Writing Success

Family Writing Success

for Closer Families.

You Can Write… Right?

You Can Write… Right?

First-time writer success stories.

Pinnacle Careers – Better Retirement Beyond Encore Careers

Pinnacle Careers – Better Retirement Beyond Encore Careers

Big earnings with small ideas.

Multi Currency Miracle – 41% Gain in 6 Months With Yen

Multi Currency Miracle – 41% Gain in 6 Months With Yen

15% profit in three months.

Longevity Secrets

Longevity Secrets

nutritional chelation.

The Power of Mood & Music

26 April 2017

The ultimate form of success is an everlasting positive mood.   This is why there is power in music that can be used to trigger positive emotional moods.  See how and why below. Image from music quotes at quotehd.com. Poets say it.   Robert Browning wrote:  “Who hears music, feels his solitude. Peopled at once.” Scientists say […]

The Power of Mood & Music...

Dollar Time Bomb

25 April 2017

How can we survive the US Dollar Time bomb? Image from pricedingold.com(1) A recent recorded update at our Personal investment Course (Pi)  looked at the fact that US national debt is no big deal.  No one expects any government to repay all its debt. The current cost and timely payment of US debt service is […]

Dollar Time Bomb...

Relax & Learn More

24 April 2017

How do we get to the core of true success in learning? Super Spanish delegates listening to Baroque music and Spanish phrases. One path to Super Thinking and better learning is music. Research at a University of North Carolina website entitled “Music Can Help You Study” (1) says: Did you know music can help you […]

Relax & Learn More...

A Fit Way to Be Rich

22 April 2017

Here is an example of seven basic qualities that can help us have everlasting health and wealth.  Our times have seen a rise in our awareness of deceit, trickery and alternative facts.  The growing use of obvious deception in business, politics and just about every walk of life might seen to be an obstacle in […]

A Fit Way to Be Rich...

New Spanish Course in Panama

21 April 2017

New Spanish Course in Panama...

How to Get Back Control

20 April 2017

Whenever we read the news, we can often feel out of control.   We can choose the potential disaster of our pick.  Whether it’s North Korea, turmoil on airlines, rip offs by big business, higher costs of living, failing pensions, more stress, health care meltdown or whatever.  The list goes on and on and it’s all […]

How to Get Back Control...

How Investments Get All Wet

18 April 2017

Since Earth Day this week, it’s a good time to take a look at investments in natural resources, like water.  This is a resource that is becoming increasingly more valuable.  Investing in water is a no brainer.  Right? Such was my thinking when I first started writing about the Singapore water purification company, Hyflux, in […]

How Investments Get All Wet...

Guns, Germs & Steel

17 April 2017

The book “Guns, Germs and Steel” looks at the past so we can better understand the craziness in today’s world. . As our world changes at an increased pace it’s good to know how change shaped in geographical and environmental factors shaped the world into the here and now. Learn the importance of food production, […]

Guns, Germs & Steel...

How to Start Anew

15 April 2017

Here’s how to begin a new beginning.  Spring is the time when nature brings the world back to life, a time of new beginnings.  Light overtakes darkness.  It is time to plant seeds for growth… like this… Spring apron featured at Zazzle.com If we want a new beginning, a change in direction towards a better […]

How to Start Anew...

The Art of Speculation

13 April 2017

After 50 years of global investing, my chief mantra is “There is always something we don’t know!”    This fact rules the price of gold and precious metals which is why I look at owning them is never an investment but a speculation.  Precious metals are financial insurance against inflation for sure.  But isn’t all […]

The Art of Speculation...