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The Fourth Stock Peak – Dangerous Investing Environment Positive Longevity Family Writing Success You Can Write… Right? Pinnacles Careers – Better Retirement Beyond Encore Careers Multi Currency Miracle – 41% Gain in 6 Months With Yen Longevity Secrets
The Fourth Stock Peak – Dangerous Investing Environment

The Fourth Stock Peak – Dangerous Investing Environment

Is the Dow too high?

Positive Longevity

Positive Longevity

Positivity helps good health.

Family Writing Success

Family Writing Success

for Closer Families.

You Can Write… Right?

You Can Write… Right?

First-time writer success stories.

Pinnacles Careers – Better Retirement Beyond Encore Careers

Pinnacles Careers – Better Retirement Beyond Encore Careers

Big earnings with small ideas.

Multi Currency Miracle – 41% Gain in 6 Months With Yen

Multi Currency Miracle – 41% Gain in 6 Months With Yen

15% profit in three months.

Longevity Secrets

Longevity Secrets

nutritional chelation.

Ecuador Bowling Contacts

21 October 2014

Bowling in Ecuador In the fifteen years I lived in Ecuador, I never saw a bowling Alley.  There are a few of them in the big cities.  Here are some Ecuador bowling contacts. Bowling in Cuenca The Funn Center Bowling Club / Play Go Dirección: Mall del Río, Felipe II y Autopista Cuenca – Azogues […]

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Stock Market Blues Create Clear Skies for Finding Value

21 October 2014

This is the most likely month for the stock market to seriously correct and create better investing value. Our recent International Investing seminar with ENR Asset Managers in Montreal focused on how various cycles impact stock markets and investing value. This is a time of great opportunity because three of the numerous cycles that pressure […]

Stock Market Blues Create Clear Skies for Finding Value...

Upcoming Schedule

20 October 2014

Super Thinking improves your intellect. Super Thinking tactics integrate brain waves so we absorb,  retain and recall information better and faster. Super Thinking teaches us how to learn and think more effectively.  The Super Thinking + Self Publishing Writer’s Camp helps you learn more  to write to sell. The Super Thinking + Spanish course teaches how to […]

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Lost in Translation

18 October 2014

Your income can be improved by learning marketing translation.  When you have your own business you have something to sell and writing to sell is improved with marketing translations.  Our self publishing course is about how to write to sell.  One important feature the course covers is how to create effective sales stories through translation. […]

Lost in Translation...

Self Publishing & Writing Success Examples

17 October 2014

Here are examples and inspirations that show how even the busiest professionals can get started writing and self publishing. Laury Dahners shows how a professional can have an active, full career and write novels and self publish in spare time. He lives in Chapel Hill, North Carolina and is an orthopedic surgeon who teaches at […]

Self Publishing & Writing Success Examples...

Medicine is Dose

17 October 2014

Medicine is dose. We love the meandering creek on our farm.  This creek and the springs that create it provide us with fresh water year round. However, at times this gentle stream turns into a destructive torrent, rutting roads, eroding land and it can even wipe out a bridge or two. This is why I […]

Medicine is Dose...

It’s Bull that It’s a Bear

16 October 2014

The next big 17 year bull market is almost here. We are just back from sharing a great weekend in Quebec with readers and our friends at ENR Asset Management and Jyske Bank.  Delegates at our annual October International Investing Seminar were warned that the US market was ready to correct but that most investors […]

It’s Bull that It’s a Bear...

Ecuador Farm Cotacocha

15 October 2014

There is a 67 acre Ecuador farm for sale in the village of Cotacocha. The photos from the website paltenses.com/catacocha/ shows the unique beauty of Catacocha. Click on images to enlarge. Cotacocha is a small village built on a lush promontory about 5,400 feet above seas level. The benefits of a farming lifestyle, far from […]

Ecuador Farm Cotacocha...

Ebola & the Short Term National Psyche

14 October 2014

Epidemics like Ebola can have a huge impact on the short term national psyche.  Changes in the national psyche can quickly and dramatically alter the success of your income. There are a lot of assurances from US authorities that Ebola cannot spread in the USA.  However mistrust of anything authorities say is spreading.  This (correct) […]

Ebola & the Short Term National Psyche...

Crucita Ecuador Oceanfront Condos

13 October 2014

Oceanfront Condominium- 2 bedrooms and 2 1/2 baths $119,000-$159,000 The first Ecuador real estate tour we conducted back in the 1990s began in a small fishing village called Crucita.  I recall dozens of tour delegates gobbling up low cost beach real estate.  Wow how that village has changed over the past 15 years, but prices remain […]

Crucita Ecuador Oceanfront Condos...