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The Fourth Stock Peak – Dangerous Investing Environment Positive Longevity Family Writing Success You Can Write… Right? Pinnacle Careers – Better Retirement Beyond Encore Careers Multi Currency Miracle – 41% Gain in 6 Months With Yen Longevity Secrets
The Fourth Stock Peak – Dangerous Investing Environment

The Fourth Stock Peak – Dangerous Investing Environment

Is the Dow too high?

Positive Longevity

Positive Longevity

Positivity helps good health.

Family Writing Success

Family Writing Success

for Closer Families.

You Can Write… Right?

You Can Write… Right?

First-time writer success stories.

Pinnacle Careers – Better Retirement Beyond Encore Careers

Pinnacle Careers – Better Retirement Beyond Encore Careers

Big earnings with small ideas.

Multi Currency Miracle – 41% Gain in 6 Months With Yen

Multi Currency Miracle – 41% Gain in 6 Months With Yen

15% profit in three months.

Longevity Secrets

Longevity Secrets

nutritional chelation.

Special Water Opportunity

27 August 2016

For decades, two of our main areas of focus have been water and Smalltown USA.   So when I learned of a North Carolina, Smalltown USA water company for sale, at an affordable price, I asked the owner if I could let readers know. The company is Indian Hills Spring Water located near Murphy, North […]

Special Water Opportunity...

Dollar Speculation

25 August 2016

Multi currency speculation can be good.   Right now, if  you have a good value multicurrency portfolio borrowing US dollars to invest in euros makes sense in three ways. First, periods of low performance are followed by periods of high performance.  The euro fell from 1.44 euro per dollar in August 2011 to 1.04 euro per […]

Dollar Speculation...

Benefits of Slow Simple Investing

23 August 2016

I have moved most of my investing portfolios to small community banks in Smalltown USA.  This reduces stress. My financial stress avoidance team. Don’t get me wrong, some stress is good.  We all need some of it.  A little stress can be like a cup of coffee in the morning that gets us going.  Stress […]

Benefits of Slow Simple Investing...

New Ecuador Immigration Law

22 August 2016

There are changes ahead for Ecuador’s immigration laws.  Our friend and prominent Ecuador attorney, Dr. Andres Cordova, sent this report on what’s happening. Dr. Andres Cordova A new immigration law called the Human Mobility Law (Ley Orgánica de Movilidad Humana) is being discussed by our lawmakers over the next several days. This proposed law is not […]

New Ecuador Immigration Law...

Slow Growth and the Next Big Thing

20 August 2016

Expect slow economic growth until mankind finds the next big thing. Here  is  a story only a handful of economic writers can tell because there are only a few of us in this business who have been watching this situation for almost 50 years. Image from futurism.com. (1) Is this the next big thing or […]

Slow Growth and the Next Big Thing...

Booster Multi Tasking

19 August 2016

Here is a new, better way to look at multi-tasking.   The downside to multi-tasking is that one act can detract from the other.  If you have ever been near a driver weaving along and texting, you quickly understood that risk! Image from State of Minnesota website on risks of texting and driving (1). However there […]

Booster Multi Tasking...

Speculations that Hedge

18 August 2016

Price and time are keys in investing success.  Safe, diversified, good value, non US dollar portfolios benefit from these facts because they can be a base for speculations that are also a hedge. International Club members joined Merri and me at our farm last weekend, to look at the benefits of having a basic, safe, global […]

Speculations that Hedge...

The Value in Strength Investing

17 August 2016

Fun helps attract value.  A recent article at this site about how I am a multi-taskaholic.   Multitasking for fun, health and purpose increases value.  When we enjoy the mutlitasks, we enhance healthy, health values. Here is an example of a fun exercise… for me at least. This is my 1,100+ calorie an hour, multi-tasking, life […]

The Value in Strength Investing...

A Sense of Value

16 August 2016

Use every trick we can to spot good value.   First we financial news instead of economic news to find value. This was a major theme at the International Club members we enjoyed with club members, at our farm over the weekend.  Economic news is mostly rumor, opinion and conjecture.  The reality is there is always […]

A Sense of Value...


15 August 2016

How to Buy with Red SSI A question I get a lot is, “What do I do if there’s a stock I want to buy but your SSI indicator is red on that stock?” Just for the record, our SSI system is a three colored “stop-light” style indicator that can be green (safe to buy), […]