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The Fourth Stock Peak – Dangerous Investing Environment Positive Longevity Family Writing Success You Can Write… Right? Pinnacle Careers – Better Retirement Beyond Encore Careers Multi Currency Miracle – 41% Gain in 6 Months With Yen Longevity Secrets
The Fourth Stock Peak – Dangerous Investing Environment

The Fourth Stock Peak – Dangerous Investing Environment

Is the Dow too high?

Positive Longevity

Positive Longevity

Positivity helps good health.

Family Writing Success

Family Writing Success

for Closer Families.

You Can Write… Right?

You Can Write… Right?

First-time writer success stories.

Pinnacle Careers – Better Retirement Beyond Encore Careers

Pinnacle Careers – Better Retirement Beyond Encore Careers

Big earnings with small ideas.

Multi Currency Miracle – 41% Gain in 6 Months With Yen

Multi Currency Miracle – 41% Gain in 6 Months With Yen

15% profit in three months.

Longevity Secrets

Longevity Secrets

nutritional chelation.

The Alternative Value

28 July 2016

There are many tactics that can be used in value investing strategies.  We study three tactics in our Purposeful investing Course (Pi). One strategy is to invest in Country ETFs of Keppler Asset Management Good Value Markets. Recently the Pi Course reviewed Keppler’s latest Developed Market Analysis.  There were no changes in Keppler’s good value ratings […]

The Alternative Value...

Why UK Shares Now?

27 July 2016

Here is confirmation of why we should invest in the ETF iShares MSCI United Kingdom ETF.   On June 22, 2016, a day from before the Brexit vote, I wrote: Invest in EWU.  (1) Eric Roseman, CEO of ENR Asset Management, one of the three asset information sources I follow, has confirmed the fundamentals behind […]

Why UK Shares Now?...

Water Investment Opportunity

26 July 2016

for wealth and health.

Water Investment Opportunity...

Worked to Life

25 July 2016

We have often heard of people being worked to death.   I believe the opposite can be true.  We can work ourselves to life.  A Jefferson Post article “Esther Pennington Still Going Strong at 106” (1)  shows how this can be true. Ashe County is a healthy place to be.  Location is one part of longevity.  […]

Worked to Life...

Avoiding the Consensus

23 July 2016

Last Thursday’s message on asset allocation helps explain why value investing is often contrarian investing.   That message looked at Keppler Asset Management’s 2016 Annual Asset Allocation review that showed how investing in value shares requires less work, but more discipline than investing in growth shares.  The returns are a lot better with value.  Keppler’s research […]

Avoiding the Consensus...

Importance of Blood Sugar

22 July 2016

Maintaining a balanced blood sugar level is a key to high energy and good natural health.  Level blood sugar helps improve insulin regulation, reduces the risk of insulin resistance and helps reduce or eliminate mood swings depression and negative attitude. Dr. John Douillard at lifespa.com just reported a new study reported in the 2016 annual meeting […]

Importance of Blood Sugar...

The 3.5% Solution

21 July 2016

3.5% is the solution to everlasting wealth. This week I sent subscribers to our Purposeful investing Course, the 28 page 2016 Keppler Asset Management Annual Asset Allocation Report. This report is entitled “Return and Risk History –  Selected Asset Classes – Key Considerations for Asset Allocation Decisions”. This report, based on between 40 and 90 […]

The 3.5% Solution...

Better Living by Better Eating

20 July 2016

Better living comes from better health, greater satisfaction and more income from a pinnacle career. Pinnacle careers are often multi dimensional careers that integrate the process of health, wealth and service.   Read more about having a better retirement at “Multi Dimensional Cool“. Good food is a foundation for good health and wealth. Merri and I […]

Better Living by Better Eating...


19 July 2016

It takes audacity to invest in the AUD.  Or does it?  Let’s look at how to make currency speculation less speculative. Yesterday’s message looked at how on February 13, 2014, I recommended shares in TFS Corp at $1.06.  Within eight months the price had risen to $2.22. Wow, was I right. In that same February […]


The Importance of Investing Purpose

18 July 2016

Here is an example of how value investments can be safe, profitable and have purpose. Merri and I care about the sustainability of essential oils.  Aromatherapy has become such a fast growing way to help maintain natural health that many essential oils have become very expensive and the root plant has become threatened.  Sandalwood is such […]

The Importance of Investing Purpose...